Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Week 9, Tuesday, Weigh Day and good things

Ok, well I do have ONE thing to say that is not a "good thing" but the rest of this post will be pretty positive because today was filled with happy stuff. :) The bad thing is.........tonight while taking my nightly pic to post on here, I DROPPED my camera and broke it. *sniff sniff* So, you'll have to go with a pic from a few days ago. This is a pic I took of myself while walking. Yes, I do random things while walking (such as taking pics or counting my footsteps) because I don't yet have anything I can listen to music with.

On to the good stuff........................ Weigh day!! I weighed in at 309.5, which is a weekly loss 3.5, and a total 9 week loss of 17.75! Yay! I was the best loser at TOPS tonight.

Other good stuff............the TOPS chapter decided to donate TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS of TOPS money to my walk-a-thon!!!! wow! What a pleasant shock! It costs a minimum of $350 to attend (that covers gas, hotel, food and registration) so, with their $200 plus the other $120 I had recieved from other people, I only lack $30! I am *so* gonna get to go! OH dear..>I sure need to get my camera fixed before then! It's gonna be a blast!

Church...........tonight there was a meeting for several of us in leadership at the church. Pastor asked me to please stand. Then he said "Ladies, this is how you need to dress. Don't wear your skirts too short and don't wear your neckline low." He said I was a great example of how someone who represents the church should dress...............I took that as a great compliment! I'm glad he doesn't know about that day my neighbor caught me outside in my gown!!!!!!

It is 12:15 and I just ate supper. I am planning to be in the bed within the next 15 minutes. I slept in today and also didn't walk nearly as much (1.25 mile....30 minutes) but that was okay because that is what was needed. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are not nearly as busy as the first part of this week and I will get caught up on my walk-a-thon miles then.

I'm hitting the hay with 100 cals to spare tonight.

Thanks for reading!

Running points balance:270

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  1. Congrats on your great loss! Wonderful that your TOPS is being so supportive of your efforts.

    Nice to meet you. I love meeting people online, especially when I have much in common with them!

    I want to let you know upfront, though, that while we're Christians, we no longer attend church. That's a long story, but we're comfortable with our decision. I say an occasional bad here and there on my blog, and I don't own a dress. I am fairly modest, though, in that I wear skirted swimsuits and would if I weighed 120 pounds--I would never wear a bikini! lol, I have high moral values. I'm just different, and not what I call a "typical" homeschooler, if there is such a thing. I stand out in our homeschool group, is what I'm trying to say. lol I think what I'm trying to say is I'm weird, and not afraid to be so. lol

    I really look forward to following your blog. I checked out our TOPS, but it meets during school hours and I saw someone go in that really pushes my buttons (a neighbor) so I decided against joining. The other bloggers that I read that do TOPS...it just seems like a very impressive program.

    Anyway, very nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by!