Tuesday, February 22, 2011

one at a time

Quick post--I was down a pound at TOPS last night. We had a visitor who read about us in the newspaper. Today is the first day of our new family schedule (we homeschool, so a schedule is good, else we will be too slack)...and therefore my computer time is limited, thus the short post. Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No news really, but replying to comments

I just approved some comments that deserve a reply :)

First of all, I keep getting congrats on losing 75 pounds. There is a POINT in front of that 75! LOL Last week I lost 3/4 of a pound or POINT 75 pounds LOL. That was last week. This week I stayed exactly the same. My TOTAL weight loss from my highest weigh is 33 & 1/4 pounds.

The other comment asked me what a mexican tv dinner is. (They weren't from America) Well, it is basically rice, refried beans and an enchilada that are cooked, frozen on a plastic tray and put in a box and sold at the grocery store. You take it home and mircowave it and there ya go. :) Full of preservatives and not very healthy, I'm sure.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I have ~*HOPE*~

My friend from my old chapter, who is a KOPS, taught last night's program. She taught about hope. Can you REALLY visualize yourself at your goal? Do you REALLY believe you can do it? You won't do it if you don't believe you can. It was a great program.

I lost .75 pounds. I am now 297.25 pounds.

I have some girlfriends who are doing something called a "Daniel fast". For 21 days, you eat nothing but fruits, veggies and nuts. I think that's too big of a leap for me, but I may do SOME of it. Anyway, we had a party of sorts with these ladies last night and I ate some things I had never tried: raw carrots, raw broccoli, potato soup, celery. I can't say I LOVED any of those things, but it was nice to realize that I CAN eat these things. Perhaps I would like them more if I ate them more, such as was the case with bananas.

I am out of my funk. YAY!

We dug out of the snow on Saturday and it was a wonderful weekend. ANOTHER snow storm hits tonight and the tv is saying we will be snowed in at least until Friday. So, schoolwork is being postponed while we spend the day paying bills, buying groceries and preparing for the storm. I bet town is swamped with people doing the same. Schoolwork will easily be made up this evening or during the next 2 days of being snowed in.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Monday's TOPS meeting was cancelled due to snow. We are snowed in and have been for days. It is really getting on my nerves. We have to eat what we have on hand (blah) and although I am all for family togetherness, you can actually have too much of that stuff LOL.

The snow-in started Monday and aren't estimated to be able to get out and drive until Saturday and then would you believe it is supposed to storm again next Monday? ugh.


I'm just in a funk.