Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fun Day! & weigh in!

Whew! *pant, pant* I just did one and a forth miles on the Leslie Sansone walk at home dvd and I am FEELING ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah baby! That's what I'm talking about!

Prior to that,I was laying on the couch feeling like a slug. No, worse than that. Less energy than that. I was feeling like a slug that got ran over by a fat kid's bicycle. yep.

I was telling hubby all about our TOPS area wide fun day (known as a fall rally in some places) and how we would have another fun day in April and that I was going to win all kinds of awards then... because I was going to get my act together. He looked at me being lazy on the couch and said "Well, that's not the road to getting there".

So, I set the timer for 10 minutes and said "SELF, you have to exercise for 10 minutes". When the timer went off, I was feeling good so I reset it for 10 MORE minutes and completed the first section. Talk about an energy boost!

If I can ever MAKE myself start, it is worth it. My goal for the next week is to do at least 10 minutes of the walking dvd within 30 minutes of waking.

On to other things.............weigh in:

I was supposed to weigh in Thursday before supper to tell you how much I lost this week. I forgot & ate first so I postponed it to Friday. Can you believe I forgot again? SO...........why should I complicate my life further by trying to have a TOPS weigh in and a blog weigh in? I guess I will just use my TOPS weigh in.

And so, with my first week of restart, I......(drum roll please)....I LOST 1.75 POUNDS! YEAH BABY!!!! THAT's WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! I. am. on. my. way.! Next tops meeting is Tuesday. I can't wait! I believe I can make KOPS before the end of 2011! And then go to SRD in CALIFORNIA in 2012 as the Oklahoma Queen!

I'm pumped. Can you tell?

I think I will go walk some more now :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Ugh! I have really been struggling with sickness for the past month or so.

I feel sick, like I can't do one more thing and MUST lie down, then I go to bed and realize "ugh! I am SO sick" and I rest and "take a sick day" for 1-10 hours. Then I get a spurt of energy that lasts between a few hours to a few days and I think "was I even sick? i think I was just lazy!". Then......boom. I start feeling yucky again and think "Stop being lazy!", then it grows to the point that I realize I really AM sick and I am in bed again. VICIOUS CYCLE!

So, yesterday morning I was still in the energetic part. I felt really good. By afternoon, I was in bed with the covers over my head.

I ended the day with about 500 calories left.

I consumed about 50 ounces of water.

This morning, I am still not feeling the best. But I have to take the kids to science class, go to the pawn shop, pick the kids back up, and go to the library. blech!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 5 TOPS

Tuesday was TOPS. It has only been 5 days since my restart---I will weigh on the wii on Thursday evening and post my weekly loss for the purpose of this blog--- but I will say this......I lost! I love to lose. It's such a good feeling.

We are supposed to think of a new game/ challenge for TOPS. I am thinking of this one called "I bet". We all fill out a form that says I bet I can lose X number of pounds by the end of the year. For example, I plan to say "15". Everyone decides their own amount. Then, at the last meeting of the year, if I have lost my 15 pounds, then the chapter pays me $15 and if I have not, then I have to pay the chapter $15. Someone who only bets 5 pounds will pay or recieve $5. How does that sound? I plan to suggest it next week.

Saturday is our area fun day for TOPS. I will not recieve any awards. Because I hadn't been trying! Funny how that works. LOL. But next fun day, oh boy, I plan to really rack them up!

We do have some members in our chapter who are doing awesome. Our leader has lost for the past 16 or so weeks in a row. She lost 20 something pounds last quarter. My friend L is half way to goal now.

It was an inspiring meeting.

I ended my day with 112 calories to spare. I didn't exercise -- I really, really need to make that a priority today. I consumed aprox. 44 ounces of water.

Thanks for reading!

Future Oklahoma TOPS queen,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The poor people's diet plan.

Day 3 & 4, Sunday & Monday

Sunday is a day of rest for me. I probably won't blog on Sundays. We have church, lunch, nap, church, bed. I also didn't journal my food on Sunday but I'm okay with that. We didn't have any goodies in the house and I think I did fine.

Monday begins the "waiting for payday, eat whatever you can find in the house" diet. NOT FUN. Even though I indulged on a 500 calorie peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I still ended the day with 600 calories to spare because.......there wasn't even anything I WANTED to eat. yeah, blah. Dry raisin bran anyone? How about some elbow noodles with no sauce?

Late (11:00 p.m.) last night, my sister-in-law were talking on facebook and I told her I was going to pawn my sewing machine to get some grocery money. Well, she comes to my house in the middle of the night with sacks and sacks of groceries and also gave me a $20 bill. I could have cried. Ok, I did cry. But I didn't eat! Thankfully, she brought staples and not sweets. I was tired and just went to bed. I went to bed thankful.

Monday I also drank 50 oz of water and went for a 19 minute walk with my daughter.

busy, busy...need to run! Have a great day! THanks for reading!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 3 - Just go to bed.

I wish food didn't taste so yummy, ya know? But it is so awesome! I know I am going to learn to budget my calories better with time. I need to be able to eat something in the evenings.

Saturday, I consumed the last of my calories with supper. Well, I technically had like 20 calories left, but nothing to shake a stick at. And I CRAVED. I wanted to eat! However, I kept thinking, "Do you really want to post about going over?" So, I just went to bed.

I dreamed that I went to the gas station and bough a huge bag of candied peanuts. The nutrition label said something like "230 calores per serving/ 280 servings per bag" LOL. I woke up and thought "awww man, I failed" but then it only took me a second to realize that I didn't REALLY go to the store for peanuts-- I just failed in my DREAM! LOL So, I woke up feeling hollow and happy that I didn't go over.

I consumed 50 oz of water. to budget a little better.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day two.............too much spaghetti but all ended okay.

I woke up very hungry Friday morning. And with a HORRID headache. I was to be in charge of a field trip for our homeschool group to the fire department -- and my van was stuck in the mud. Yeah, what a beginning! (sarcastic)

However, it all worked out ok. I ate the big breakfast, and then I wasn't hungry for the next SEVERAL hours. Partly because of the big breakfast and partly because of the following story that I heard just after breakfast:

My sister-in-law and mother-in-law went to eat at a buffet & had the cherry fluff. After one bite, they both said "yuck! This tastes like vomit!" The manager got some from the bar and confirmed that they had an issue. Come to find out, the cook had been angry because he wasn't granted the time off he wanted, and he VOMITED in the cherry fluff, stirred it up and put in on the bar. THAT STORY TURNED MY STOMACH FOR SEVERAL HOURS.

I borrowed my dad's car and had an awesome time at the field trip.

The day was really rather stressful and I just wanted to relax. We watched the Hannah Montana movie and I ate spaghetti and I ate spaghetti and I ate spaghetti. TOO MUCH SPAGHETTI. yeah, like 4 cups. That's too much spaghetti for anyone to consume in one night! Thankfully, I had the calories for it so I guess all is well that ends well.

I also drank quite a bit of diet Sierra mist and didn't get as much water in as the day before. However, I did still get in 32 ounces, which is better than zero!

I turned around twice and it was 10 p.m. and I hadn't gone for my walk. No way would my husband let my walk at that time of night, so I went to the garage and did a puney 15 minutes on the exercise bike while I talked on the phone with my mom.

All in all, it was just an OKAY day. It wasn't awesome. But it wasn't a flop either. Day 2 has been completed! :D I'm gonna make it. I am so looking forward to getting rid of this FAT. I'm going to feel so much better.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The end of day one & the numbers.

The black shirt is too tight and I don't wear it in public without something over it. Nevertheless, I thought it would effectively show how it really is. LOL. The green shirt I have over it in one of the pictures also doesn't fit (notice the bottom half isn't buttoned and gaps terrible) and sadly, I still wear this in public. I love the way the material feels and it doesn't wrinkle. So, I thought I could take a pic with it about once per month to see it start fitting.*smile*

My beginning weight is 310.4, according to the wii. My blog weigh in day/time with be Thursday evenings just before supper. Hubby takes his measurements once per month and when he does again in just a couple of days, I will ask him to take my measurements as well.

The kids had science class this morning (1.5 hours on Thursdays for the next few weeks). My first thought of how to spend my free time was "Go to Braums, get a hot cocoa and a cinnamon roll & sit in the parking lot of the Moose lodge, enjoying the quiet and cutting coupons". Thankfully, I quickly realized that was NOT a good choice. (duh).

Instead, I packed my water jug and a good book, parked at the Moose lodge and walked their parking lot. (Yes, I read and walk at the same time. LOL) I was met by several obstacles. First, the trash truck came (exactly when I was almost to the dumpster, so it was awkward). I imagine the trash guys laughing at "that severly obese lady walking and reading a book at the same time", nevertheless, I walked on. Then, a biker dude pulled up and wanted to know what I was doing there. I was like "um....just walking the parking lot. Is that ok?" (I mean, really, here's a 300+ pound pentecostal lady, hair in bun, long skirt, blouse that is too small in the stomach, wearing her worn out walking shoes and reading a Joyce Meyer book, walking in circles around and around in the parking lot. Did I REALLY look like a threat? LOL) Anyway, I guess I cleared inspection.

After I walked, I ran a few errands and went to the grocery store for some granola bars and bran flakes. :)

By the time we all finally got home (noonish) I was EXHAUSTED. Being tired is one of my triggers, I know that much. So, I decided that instead of eating right then, and being tempted to overeat, I would lie down for a bit. I took about a 15 minute nap and THEN ate lunch.

I ended the day 3 calories below the limit. I drank 80 ounces of water and walked just over a mile.

Day one was successful!

Day ONE.

.............forgetting those things that are past, and pressing forward to those things that are to come...................


Hello. My name is Amy. I have decided to live a healthy life. Won't you join me?

Beginning pictures, weight and measurements are expected to be posted this evening.

Thanks for coming along with me. Have a healthy day!

~Amy aka that TOPS lady

Monday, October 18, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

one less thing to worry about

Hubby woke me this morning before work and told me to draw $150 out of overdraft. yay! I mean, it's not GOOD, because we will have to pay it back on Tuesday (his payday) but it means we will eat and have gas, and that IS good!

So, one less thing to worry about!

To answer the question left in my comment about "Why wait to start afresh?", the answer is "I don't know. I just don't have it wrapped around my head yet and I am getting that date wrapped around my head." I know, it doesn't make much sense. Oh well. :) Better then than never! :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


At 9:06 this morning, there was an earthquake here in Oklahoma... 5 point something, I think. No major damage, but enough to be felt, even 2 hours from the epicenter.

My first thought was of the scripture that says there will be earthquakes in different places, in the last days.... Weird, but I found myself smiling and thinking "What if Jesus returns today and here I have been worrying about getting gas money to take the kids to their homeschool events and if Jesus is coming today, it wouldn't have even mattered!" Weird thought, I know.......but as weird as it sounds, it did straighten up my perspective. Gas money is NOT the most important thing in the world.

As a side note, I have Wednesday, October 20th rolling around in my head as a new start AGAIN date, as far as nutrition goes.

Monday, October 11, 2010

3 songs

Yeah, so I don't really know where I am right now on this journey. But these next three songs are my heart's song right now. (Rescue by Desperation Band) ( I Miss You by Miley Cyrus... because I miss the me that had it all together and was doing so good on the journey to health at one time) (The Climb by Miley Cyrus... because that's what this is...a climb....and I've just been sitting here on the side of the mountain saying "I can't do it".)

2 months

I haven't blogged in 2 months. Do you know what that means? I haven't been trying.

Where did my motivation go?

This morning, hubby said "Are you still writing down what you eat?" and I about bit his head off.

I can do it. Consistency is my problem.