Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 3 - Just go to bed.

I wish food didn't taste so yummy, ya know? But it is so awesome! I know I am going to learn to budget my calories better with time. I need to be able to eat something in the evenings.

Saturday, I consumed the last of my calories with supper. Well, I technically had like 20 calories left, but nothing to shake a stick at. And I CRAVED. I wanted to eat! However, I kept thinking, "Do you really want to post about going over?" So, I just went to bed.

I dreamed that I went to the gas station and bough a huge bag of candied peanuts. The nutrition label said something like "230 calores per serving/ 280 servings per bag" LOL. I woke up and thought "awww man, I failed" but then it only took me a second to realize that I didn't REALLY go to the store for peanuts-- I just failed in my DREAM! LOL So, I woke up feeling hollow and happy that I didn't go over.

I consumed 50 oz of water. to budget a little better.


  1. Can I ask you an honest to goodness question? And it's only based off my own experience....

    How much of the food that you eat - the ones that you 'crave' - do you really taste. When I stopped to think about it, I couldn't recall the taste of the foods that I craved. I remember the emotions, the wanting, needing, got-to-have it emotions, but not the actual taste.

    I abstain from certain foods completely now. Candy, chips, sugar treats of any kind. And when I'm craving them, it sometimes helps to try and remember what they TASTED like. How they felt on my tongue. And I have nearly zero memory of that since my 'craving' wasn't about taste.

    It might be different for you. But it's something to think about.

  2. Way to go!! Dreaming is calorie free :)