Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mind over matter....when you are sick.

I have been sick for the past 3 days. My chest has rattled and I had low energy. However, the first 2 days, I carried on and tried to ignore it. Today, we had a severe cold front blow through with HORRID cold winds and rain. ....and I gave in and wallowed in my sickness by sleeping late and only doing 15 minutes of exercise and pretty much just being a lazy bum. Although I wrote down everything that I ate, my food intake was waaaaaaaay too much like the "old me".

That isn't going to happen tomorrow.

Tomorrow, regardless of the weather, regardless of how broke I am and how few food choices are in my house, regardless of the presence or absence of congestion, regardless of weather...........I AM going to let the SUPER AWESOME me shine through.

Yes, I am.

And for those of you who want to hear the "long story" of why I exercise with a skirt and capri's underneath, I will give in and post that story soon, so be looking for it. LOL


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Losing my skirt...almost

I always walk 3 miles on the treadmill at the gym and I try to beat my time each time. Since I'm already walking as fast as I can possibly walk, I knew I was going to have to jog some. Now, I've jogged before--just not in a gym full of people. All was well, until 15 seconds into the jog when I realized that I was losing my skirt! (I wear a skirt with exercise capris under it--long story) I'm sure I looked quite interesting, holding the skirt with one hand and trying to get the treadmill to slow down with the other! ;) I am now officially declaring this skirt "TOO BIG". (It is so much more fun, having clothes that are too big, opposed to too small)


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vision board

Our TOPS group has divided into teams and each week we are given challenges. This week, to earn points for my team, I have to create a vision board. I wish I had more free time because I am excited to get started on this! Do YOU have a vision board? I'd love to see a picture :)

I had another loss at TOPS last night. I'm 276.5 now, my lowest in almost 10 years. Weight loss, for me, has been like turning back the hands of time.

Mom is watching the kids this afternoon so I can go to the gym (YAY!) and go buy groceries.

That's what is going on in my world. How about yours?

Have a great day!

Friday, March 2, 2012

If you've been ridiculed....

Have you ever been blogger bullied?

I have weight loss blogged for years and I'm sure at times my posts were insanely unhealthy and wrong. But at those times, I was nutritionally illiterate. Also, at those times, my strong hold to food addiction had not been broken. I was a mess. (I still don't have it all figured out)

>>>>>>>>>>BUT>>>>>>>>>> the fact that I was blogging showed that I still cared about the fact that I was overweight. I still wanted out. I still had hope. I was still trying.

Sometimes it takes a while---even a very long while--- to "get it". Sometimes we think we have arrived and finally have "gotten it" when the whole rest of the world knows that we have not.

I guess I have a raw spot on my heart for people pointing out bloggers and critiquing (sp?) them because during my "foolish years", a blogger who likes to make fun of people picked me to make fun of on his blog. It hurt me so deeply. I felt like the whole world was laughing.

I know there is hope for such people. I've lost 54 pounds. I've learned a thing or 2. But those terribly immature posts are part of my journey.

I guess to those bloggers, I think silence is the best thing to say in the situations that you don't condone.

If YOU are one of the bloggers that has been ridiculed, I want to say, "Don't give up. Keep trying. Keep reading about nutrition. Keep exercising, no matter how little. Keep blogging. Keep evolving in your mindset. Keep pressing on, no matter how low anyone makes you feel. Keep moving forward. I BELIEVE IN YOU."

~that TOPS lady