Tuesday, February 28, 2012

hello from a busy loser

Things are crazy busy (again) this week. We have something going on EVERY night this week. However, I am doing well. I'm doing my exercise within 30 minutes or so of waking, otherwise it wouldn't be happening.

Our TOPS meeting went well. We are a bunch of losers :)

...just popping in to say hello :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

....a quick update....

This morning I submitted my application to be considered for the TOPS Retreat Scholarship. I hope I win!

I am in the middle of my "7 day free trial" at a local gym and I LOVE IT. I'm trying to find "kid free" time anywhere I can so I can go work out. There's something about seeing all the numbers on the machines (miles walked, time, speed, heart rate, etc) that makes it so much more fun that just doing a dvd. Also, I can watch the Biggest Loser while I walk or talk with my sister. :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Want to watch my kids? j/k

Monday's weigh in showed a half pound gain, which I deserved. I had several days in the past 2 weeks in which I went over my calorie limit. Usually when this happened, it was at a time when I was TIRED and I should have just gone to bed. Seriously, why do I run to food instead of the bed when I am tired? Anyway, it was only the 2nd gain I've had in 6 months and I've already worked it back off, so I'm not going to feel down about it.

I received an invitation to an area TOPS fun day to be held March 24th. They will be giving awards for the October-December 2011 quarter, during which I lost about 18 pounds, so I WILL be getting awards and I am VERY excited about going. Fun Day is a regional get-together for TOPS chapters in our part of the state. I'm looking forward to seeing TOPS pals that I'm friends with online there.

My sister and I went to the gym yesterday. I had been there once before, alone, about a year ago and felt completely intimidated. But last night I didn't. As a matter of fact, I LOVED it! Loved it, loved it, loved it. Now I'm looking for ways that I can lose my kids on a regular basis so I can go more than once per week. The whole "time away from kids" thing is the ONLY way in which I am jealous of moms who do not homeschool. My mom said she can watch them once per week, but I crave going to the gym more often than that. The gym is in another town. I don't feel comfortable leaving them home alone that long. On Thursdays, our library has storytime, which my kids are way too old for. We go to the library once per week anyway, so I'm thinking of changing our day to Thursdays. My son can just hang out there alone, in the teen section and be fine. My daughter can probably go to storytime and be a helper and then maybe she can just hang out for the additional 30 minutes or so until I get back (I want to go for an hour). I don't know. We will see. My life is busy already, but I WANT to go to the gym more. I loved the way I felt after it was over. :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

just busy

I know I haven't posted in forever but I plan to post again after Monday's TOPS meeting.

I had about 2 weeks of not doing so well (hate that!)and I gained about 3 pounds. I've been working on getting it back off before Monday's weigh in. It is so much harder to get off than to put on, I'll tell ya! whew! I lack 0.8 pound to having lost it and being back to my "2 weeks ago" weight. We didn't have a meeting last week because of icy weather.

..........see ya later