Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Queen and I

The top pic shows me with this year's new queen, Glenda Gibbons, who lost 150 something pounds to goal and became our queen. I was in a recieving line and only had a sec, so the quality is not the best, but you know I had to get my queen picture!!!
The second picture is me and last year's queen, Nitcha Mason, who lost 104 pounds to goal.
(note to Sean......I know you are doing great without TOPS...but if you were a member, you would be our king upon reaching goal! Then you would get a crown and you would get to reign with ME me me me me me..............I am SO gonna be the queen :-D )

Hello from the Radisson

Just a quick hello from the business center computer area at the Radisson in Tulsa! whoo hoo I am having a blast! I just finished an hour workout in the gym area......2.5 miles on the treadmill. With approx 800 TOPS people in the building, you'd think the gym would be packed at 6:30 a.m....but no, just one skinny (but friendly and talkative) lady working up a storm. As I exercised beside her, I wondered "is she the queen?". Wouldn't that have been awesome! Working out with the queen! This lady was definetly at her goal weight. Later, a big lady came and it was nice to visit with her while I walked on the treadmill. She was bigger than me. She was telling me that she is trying to work her way up to doing a 5K sometime in the near future. yay for her!
Hubby has been awesome on this trip. We arrived around 7 p.m. last night and TOPS stuff was going on downstairs. Hubby fixed the kids sandwiches and let me just go ahead and catch the last of the evening session. Then I took the kids swimming at 9 p.m.... I had no intentions of getting wet, but I got soaked! They loved it.
ok...gotta shower and eat some breakfast....session starts in about an hour. Talk to you later! Wish you were here! ;)

P.S. My back is doing great! Thank you for praying!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Week 11, Friday, Weight Lifting and Looking for the Queen

Oops...just realized that my pic is sideways. Oh well.
Well, here I am, bright eyed and bushy tailed early in the morning. I am so excited about my trip to Tulsa this evening! For anyone who may have missed it, I am going to State Recognition Days for TOPS (take off pounds sensibly). There will be nutrition and exercise workshops, lots of before and afters, awards for people who lost more than 100 pounds. Oh! And a new queen (and king) will be crowned! They are the people who made it to their goal weight in 2008 and who lost more pounds in the process than anyone else in the state. I wanna have my picture made with the queen! Ok, actually I want to wear her crown, but I won't ask. I will be happy with a picture. Maybe next year *I* can be the queen! When I get to my goal weight, I will have lost 137.25 pounds.

Last night I was searching the internet about my back issue. I read that a lot of back injuries come from sports related stuff. So, I began to think about what I was doing when I hurt my back. (get ready for too much information).....I was sitting on the toilet and I saw a wet towel in the floor just inches away from the laundry basket. I leaned forward to get it and put it in the basket and when I did *OUCH*, well, that's when I hurt my back. And now you know the rest of the story. Anyway, I decided that it IS a sports related injury. And the sport is weight lifting! Hey-- I'm carrying over 100 pounds of extra weight with every step I take (and with every bend I make) ya have it. I haven't had a spasm in over 24 hours now, so maybe it is getting better. I can still feel it though and I am stiff. It will pass.

The pic shows my wonderfully delicious 500 cal breakfast.

Well well well...I guess that is all there is to say...........I hope you all have a great weekend! I'll "see ya" in a couple of days!

Thanks for your friendship!

:) Amy aka that TOPS lady

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Week 11, Thursday, I can do ALL things.

Today started with an obstacle. I got up for prayer with hubby and my back was not being good. I hurt. intensly. Hubby prayed for me and I made my way back to the bed. He was going to put his back brace (from his work) on me, and I was too big for it. That was rather discouraging.
He carpools to work and he was needing to know FOR SURE whether or not I was still planning to go to SRD in Tulsa on Friday, so he could tell the carpool guy. He was thinking "Amy, there's no way you can go to Tulsa in the pain you are in right now." I said "Babe, I am going to do my best to go." And I went back to sleep.
I woke up hours later and my back wasn't spasing out. It was still sore, but when it has a muscle spasm, THAT is when I can't hardly move for a while. Anyway, I've been dealing with this soreness since Tuesday and I am so ready for it to be over. I didn't have another spasm today except that early morning one. I am determined. I am not going to let this get the best of me.
If I didn't have this thing this weekend, I would just go to bed for a few days and quit fighting it. But I didn't work this hard to give up. I didn't walk 30 miles just to say oh well. I didn't raise $500 just to send it all back. I AM going, back pain or not. I can endure it. I know I can, because I can do all things through Christ.
I don't know if I will get a post in tomorrow before we leave or not, but if you don't hear from me until Sunday or so, don't worry....I'm just enjoying Tulsa.
Thanks for reading!
~That TOPS lady

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Week 11, Wednesday, supper and snack and a bad choice.

Hubby came home and said he wanted pizza. I said "fine, but I don't have enough cals to get full on pizza, so I am still going to cook" and I did. I had a hamburger patty made from lean meat and cooked with onions, topped with bbq sauce and ketchup, and also half cup baked beans and a whole can of green beans. I was hungry! The plan was to eat, bathe, and go to bed even though it wasn't even dark under the table yet, so I included my "bedtime snack" calories in this meal by throwing in a fiber one bar. This meal totaled 693 calories.

Then the pizza arrived and it looked awesome! Hand tossed crust, pepperoni with extra cheese from Fat Boy's Pizza (that really is the name of the place). I was having a mental war with myself over this pizza. I was NOT hungry....I mean, you see the pic that shows what all I had just eaten! I was just WANTING it. Just because it tasted good.

I hang my head in shame and admit that I put a piece (not the whole box, like the picture implies) of pizza on a plate and took it to the bathroom with me (of all places). I told myself that I would relax in the hot bathtub and eat it. I think I was really trying to hide from the rest of my family saying "I thought you said you didn't have enough calories left for pizza?"

I couldn't enjoy it for being so guilt ridden, but I ate it anyway. I ate half of it and then put it away and said I wouldn't eat the other half. A few minutes later, I rationalized eating the other half by absorbing the grease from the pizza with toilet paper. (well...........we don't keep paper towels in the bathroom silly!) Then I ate it. Anyway, I needed to admit it.

I had 2,373 calories today.

.................moving on.......................putting this behind me..................making an effort to feel better (but still planning to go to bed by 9:30)....................and doing some laundry.

There's a song I sing sometimes that is so true:

I'm an the blood of Jesus

I'm an overcomer......through His holy Name

By myself I am nothing,

But in Him I can do all things

I'm an Jesus Name.

I may have lost the battle (supper) but I haven't lost the war!

Week 11, Wednesday, Lunch and 2nd snack

2:30 can of peas mixed with 2 pc american cheese and miracle whip, half serving lasagna......500 cals

4:30 p.m.....snack...fiber one bar......140 cals

6:03 p.m...My back has felt a lot better today until just a sec ago when I tried to get out of the chair too quickly. I can eat supper at 6:30 and it sure sounds good. I need to get in there and cook it but I'm resting my back for a few minutes first. Really, I want to eat supper, take a hot bath and take a pain pill and go to bed. We will see.

Week 11, Wednesday, breakfast and first snack

10:30 a.m.....500 cals worth of raisin bran with 1% milk.

12:30 p.m....140 cals...fiber one bar

(hey hey...loving having a camera again!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Week 10, Tuesday, WoOOOooooo HoooOOOoooo!

Wow. What a great meeting at TOPS! I weighed in at 304.25, which is a loss of 5.25 for the week and a 10 week loss of 23 pounds! Whoooo hoooooo! I was the best loser.

I recieved the TOPS chapter check of $200 to send me to SRD. I also recieved $45 in walk-a-thon money today, so I have quite a bit over what I need. I went to walgreens and bought me a $89 camera so I can take pics at SRD.

My back "went out" this morning. It happened once before, about a year ago. That time, I was in Sunday School and I just bent the wrong way and I was in horrible pain and had muscle spasms and ended up with a $1,000 emergency room bill. They gave me muscle relaxers and pain meds and told me to stay in bed. I did, and it still took about a week before I was okay again.

WELL, I can't do that this time..........I plan to be in Tulsa three days from now, having a blast! Luckily, it isn't as severe this time, but it still is very painful. I had some of the meds left from last year, so today I took a muscle relaxer and slept a lot of the day away. (you should see the mess my house is in....unsupervised kids usually don't clean up after themselves...but oh well)

I'm planning to keep some motrin in my system for several days and to rest as much as possible. I don't want to miss SRD! So, *if* I walk today, I'm only planning to do a lap or maybe two....if any.

Oh...I found a MP3 player on clearance at Walgreens today for about $7! yay! Now I've got to figure out how to download songs. Anyone know of a place that I can download them for free? I am so clueless about this stuff.

Thanks for reading...........please pray for that nerve or whatever in my back........have a great night. ;)

~ that TOPS lady

Monday, May 25, 2009

Week 10, Monday, Exercise High and Night People

It is 9:05 pm. I have more energy and feel better right now than I have in several days. I think I'm on an exercise "high". Now, when I walked earlier today, in the heat, I didn't particularly feel good afterwards. But tonight I walked at 8:15, when it was almost dark and the humidity was way down. It was wonderful! I enjoyed it! I could walk some more but it is dark and I need to get my monkeys headed to bed soon anyway. It feels good to feel good.

I took a looooooooooong ( 3 hours maybe?), much needed nap this afternoon. I am so wide awake almost bedtime. I am usually a night person, especially when I have had my required rest. But I had been running low on rest and so for the past 2 nights, when I have gone to bed, I have been rather grouchy with my hubby..........I was tired and I wanted to sleep....and sleep I did. Finally I caught up, so I'm sure hubby will be glad that I will be less of a grouch.

Ok....dd needs me to wash her hair.....ta ta til tomorrow and thanks for reading!

:) That TOPS lady

Blue Ice Cream

(This is a pic I found on photobucket....this is not my ice cream or my car....but I wanted to show you what our ice cream looks like.)

Today is so out of norm for us. No school. Hubby is home. We are celebrating son's 10th birthday.
I picked up a carton of blue ice cream from Braums to go with son's cake. The flavor is "birthday cake ice cream" and it has chunks of cake in it. It is good but swwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeettttttttt.
I ate too much. I'm not proud of it and I'm not going to confess an amount. Let's just say it was "too much". I'm sending the rest of the blue ice cream to my sister and I'm going to eat soup this evening instead of the pizza that the rest of my family is going to eat.
I walked just over a mile today.........whew it is hot out there. I may walk again this evening.
I was just checking in. Have a great memorial day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Week 10, Sunday, Richard is missing!!!!!

I am so tired of walking, I told myself I didn't have to walk today. Surely I can skip ONE day of walking. Mentally, I needed to not walk today. I do plan to walk tomorrow.
I was encouraged to make sure I do get in a workout of some sort today. So I decided to dance with Richard. Are you asking who Richard is? Richard Simmons of course! I only have one dvd of his-- "Disco Sweat"-- which I got at a thrift store one upon a time. It is so corny but it really is a workout. However, I looked high and low and I have to report that Richard is missing! I really need to find him because I need something I can do here at home on the days that I need a break from walking or if it is raining or whatever. If you see him around, tell him to come home. He probably left because I ignored him so much ;)
According to my scales (which I have decided are of the devil LOL) I gained 6 pounds in 2 days. But today it said I lost 5.5 pounds of it overnight. Crazy. I'm taking Sean's advice and getting the demon possessed contraption out of my house. ;) The scales are going to my mama's house and I will only weigh at TOPS, which is Tuesday evenings.
We had a cookout at church tonight. I really didn't want to guesstimate on the cals of their burgers which I figured was NOT lean I brought a salad.
Here's what I ate today:
7:40am= 2 pc toast and jelly=360 cals
10:20 am= 24 teddy grahams and 2 tsp cool whip (this was the snack my sunday school kids were eating)= 150 cals
12:25 pm= fiber one bar= 140 cals
2:10 pm= .5 cup corn, 1 cup lasagna, 1 pc toast= 493 cals
4:56 pm= fiber one bar= 140 cals
6:30 pm = salad and 2 cookies= 500 cals
10:20 pm= fiber one bar= 140 cals
That leaves me with 27 leftover cals, which I am not going to eat.
I got a 1.5 hour nap today which was good. I'm enjoying being able to just go to bed at bedtime instead of making hubby's lunch and ironing his uniform which usually ends my day. I'm glad he is off tomorrow.
Well, thank for reading, all of you wonderful people ;)
~ Amy aka that TOPS lady

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Week 10, Saturday, victoriously defeated

The victorious part-- I walked my 30 miles! I did it! yay!

The defeated part-- my unreliable scales are showing a 6 pound gain. **insert sobbing here** GAIN. gain? why? That is so discouraging.

But I won't give up. I probably didn't watch my cals good enough the past few days. I *know* I didn't get enough rest, if that has anything to do with it.

I took a water pill, just in case it is water. I hope it is water.

Nevertheless, I am kind of down as I go to bed tonight. I'm eating a stick of cheese, 2 pc turkey breast slices and a pudding cup. I am going to sit in bed and eat and watch another Lonesome Dove episode.

I am such a wishy washy person when it comes to emotions and feelings. I wish I could be more consistently encouraged. Why am I giving the scales so much power? I know I did what I was supposed to do this week. I worked hard. Who cares what the scales say.

I will probably be chipper again in the morning. I am just tired. So tired. tired. tired. tired. tired. tired. tired. tired..................................tired.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Week 10, Friday, Seven Miles

I did it! I walked 7 miles today! (not all at once, but still, that's awesome for me!) Tomorrow I have to do 7 more and *then* the walk-a-thon will be O-V-E-R. I almost bit off more than I could chew with this walk-a-thon, but all I lack is 7 miles and I have a day to do it. Since I did 7 today, I know I can do 7 tomorrow.

I feel empowered. Tired, but awesomely tired. LOL

I tried going to our town's gym today. Our town has probably less than 1,000 people, so our gym is kind of hoekie, but it was so hot that I was looking for an air conditioned treadmill. Well, wouldn't you know, it was FULL of itsy bitty supermodel girls who didn't even smile and to top it off, it wasn't air conditioned. I can walk in the heat for free......its called "outside". So, that was my one free visit and I obviously didn't join. Oh big fat well.

The above picture was taken on April 9, 2009 at a relative's house. It is going to make a great "before" picture for TOPS's greatest improvement contest next year. Check out that belly! And I'm holding cake. How appropriate.

I've done enough blabbing for is calling me......I was walking at 6 am this morning.

Thanks for reading!

~ Amy aka that tall, fat lady who always wears a skirt and has been walking her fool feet off aka that TOPS lady LOL

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Week 10, Thursday, chipper

I'm pretty chipper at the moment...probably because I'm listening to "Carry me" by Jars of Clay. I really need a way to listen to upbeat music while I walk. That would be good.

I had a hard time with endurance today while walking. I was exhausted after a mile every time. I walked 3.5 miles today. That means that I HAVE to walk 7 miles tomorrow and 7 on Saturday NO EXCUSES...because the walkathon ends at Saturday at midnight.

Therefore I have to get to bed soon so I can get up at 5:30 for prayer and then my first walk of the day. It is 8:41 right now. I'm going to check email, read a couple of blogs, shower, put the kids to bed, sit in bed with hubby and eat our supper watching yet another sequel to Lonesome Dove. (I love that show)

I currently have $9 more than what was required to go to SRD so yay!!!!!!! Now I've just got to live through this walk-a-thon!

After tonight's supper, I will have eaten 1950 cals on the dot, which is my cal limit.

Goodnight...get some rest...kiss your hubby/wife...and enjoy living.
~~that TOPS lady


I do not listen to country music, therefore I had never heard this song before. Well, a christian singer rerecorded it and I heard it last night and I was like "THAT is my theme song". So, in blue are the original words and then in pink are the areas that *I* think of when I hear this song:

You can spend your whole life building something from nothing
One storm can come and blow it all away
Build it anyway
You can chase a dream that seems so out of reach
and you know it might not ever come your way
Dream it anyway
Chorus: God is great, but sometimes life ain't good
And when I pray it doesn't always turn out like I think it should
But I do it anyway, I do it anyway
This world's gone crazy and it's hard to believe
that tomorrow will be better than today
Believe it anyway
You can love someone with all your heart, for all the right reasons,
and in a moment they can choose to walk away
Love 'em anyway
Repeat chorus
You can pour your soul out singing a song you believe in
that tomorrow they'll forget you ever sang
Sing it anyway, sing it anyway
I sing, I dream, I love, anyway
I teach way more than my share of kids in Sunday School because the teachers are so few and sometimes it stresses me out more than it should..............teach them anyway.
There are a millions things that I could say as to why I shouldn't have to to walk today but if I really want this dream to really come true.................walk it anyway.
I've eaten what I should today, yet I am craving more. I don't really want to walk out of the kitchen it anyway.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Week 10, Wednesday, 950 calorie strawberry malt

These are my kids. Since my camera is broken, I'm having to use pics that I already had. Anyway....the bear.... oh yes, I made a major mistake today. I gave in to a temptation to have a LARGE STRAWBERRY MALT that came in at 950 cals. I told myself that I wouldn't eat any more snacks and just have 350 cals for supper and that it would be fine. That was a lie. It wasn't fine. All of that sugar tore up my stomach really bad AND seems that it started the cravings. POOEY on that. I didn't eat anything for several hours after that. But when we got home from church I thought I was starving and I comsumed 2 fiber one bars, a salad, and 3 bites of ice cream. THe ice cream shouldn't even have been in my house.

What did I learn from all of this? That I should NOT have a meal that is that many cals and ESPECIALLY if it has NO nutritional value. Also, that I need to stick to the 500 cal meals and 150 cal snacks and eating every 2-3 hours. That is the way to go.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Today I walked an hour and 10 minutes---2.75 miles. Tomorrow I am going to have to get with it!

Ok....going to bed so I can be my best tomorrow.

Goodnight and thanks for reading!

~that TOPS lady

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Week 9, Tuesday, Weigh Day and good things

Ok, well I do have ONE thing to say that is not a "good thing" but the rest of this post will be pretty positive because today was filled with happy stuff. :) The bad thing is.........tonight while taking my nightly pic to post on here, I DROPPED my camera and broke it. *sniff sniff* So, you'll have to go with a pic from a few days ago. This is a pic I took of myself while walking. Yes, I do random things while walking (such as taking pics or counting my footsteps) because I don't yet have anything I can listen to music with.

On to the good stuff........................ Weigh day!! I weighed in at 309.5, which is a weekly loss 3.5, and a total 9 week loss of 17.75! Yay! I was the best loser at TOPS tonight.

Other good stuff............the TOPS chapter decided to donate TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS of TOPS money to my walk-a-thon!!!! wow! What a pleasant shock! It costs a minimum of $350 to attend (that covers gas, hotel, food and registration) so, with their $200 plus the other $120 I had recieved from other people, I only lack $30! I am *so* gonna get to go! OH dear..>I sure need to get my camera fixed before then! It's gonna be a blast!

Church...........tonight there was a meeting for several of us in leadership at the church. Pastor asked me to please stand. Then he said "Ladies, this is how you need to dress. Don't wear your skirts too short and don't wear your neckline low." He said I was a great example of how someone who represents the church should dress...............I took that as a great compliment! I'm glad he doesn't know about that day my neighbor caught me outside in my gown!!!!!!

It is 12:15 and I just ate supper. I am planning to be in the bed within the next 15 minutes. I slept in today and also didn't walk nearly as much (1.25 mile....30 minutes) but that was okay because that is what was needed. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are not nearly as busy as the first part of this week and I will get caught up on my walk-a-thon miles then.

I'm hitting the hay with 100 cals to spare tonight.

Thanks for reading!

Running points balance:270

Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 9, Monday, attitudes and rest

Do you like my tired pic? I have decided that every night of this walk-a-thon, I will take a pic right before posting, that shows how I am feeling. I thought I was tired yesterday....but today, oh today was beyond tired.

I am realizing what an important part REST plays in our lives. I am not getting enough rest. I am a night person. I like to stay up late and sleep late. And usually I can. But for the past 2 days, I've gotten about 5 hours of sleep per night and it is really throwing me through a loop. Add the stress I am putting my body through with this extra walking and BoY OH bOy......there just aren't words to describe it. I would think I was sick, very sick, except I know what it is. Sleep deprivation and increased physical demand. I will survive and not die. Thank God. LOL

I was very dizzy part of the day today. I tried to take a quick nap but I was interrupted first by a coffee cup broken by mistake by my children and then by my dad needing a ride (he's been having car trouble). I gave up on the sleep and walked some more.

Walk, walk, walk..............just to think that a few days ago I was enjoying walking. I'm not enjoying THIS MUCH walking. However, my endurance is building up and I am thankful for that.

I weigh daily.....sometimes more than once per day (which I hear isn't a good thing, but anyway.....) My scales are not expensive OR accurate but I weigh anyway. I am not seeing them go down like I was hoping with this walking. What is the deal? Maybe I am stressing my body out. I don't know. Maybe my scales are just PMSing. LOL Tomorrow is TOPS and we will see what those scales show.

Speaking of PMSing, I'm not.............but the attitudes of me and my children today were very similar to those of a grouchy old hag. I first noticed it in my son....who lost all computer and video game privileges for today.............then it showed up in my daughter who threw a big old fit............then I realized that I had it too. I know mine was because of my tiredness. The kids' problem was probably me setting the wrong tone in our home. Tomorrow will be better.

Tomorrow I am getting up at 5:30 for prayer with hubby before he goes to work but then I am going back to bed. I am going to sleep as late as I possibly can. Do I have time for that? Absolutely not. But I *HAVE* to..............I can't do another day like body is screaming for some rest. I will just rush and do my best with the remainder of the day after I wake up, but building back some of my energy will be a priority tomorrow.

I walked 3.25 miles today. It took me an hour and 12 minutes.

I hope to be more chipper tomorrow night. Thank you for's good to know that someone out there is rooting me on.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~ that TOPS lady

Running points balance is 70

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week 9, Sunday, I. am. so. tired.

This pic completely expresses how I feel at the moment. I took this pic about 10 minutes ago, while sitting at the table and waiting for my pinto beans to heat up. I am so tired.

Today was the first day of the walk-a-thon. I walked 5.25 miles today, which is more than double the amount that I have walked in a day before. Like I said in a previous post, this walk-a-thon falls during a busy week for me............finishing up schoolwork with the kids and revival at I am forced to be an excellent time manager.

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and was walking by 6. I walked for an hour. After Sunday School, I walked for 30 something minutes. Then I walked again around 4. I don't know if it is a rash from my body stressing out ("hey lady, what are you trying to do to me? kill me?") or if it is a sunburn, but my face is splotchy red and stings.
I walked 2 hours and 9 minutes today.

I've gotta tell about my sweet hubby. I had my exercise clothes with me and changed into them at the church after Sunday School. I sent the kids home with hubby (we drive seperatly on sunday mornings). I was going to do some walking. There was a roast/potatoes/carrots waiting in the oven for them to eat when they got home. I said "if the kids are still hungry, I'll cook some mac and cheese when I get home".

Well,I walked and when I got home, hubby had cooked the mac and cheese! Hubby does NOT cook. I'm a stay at home mom and I do all of the domestic stuff and I don't mind it, but he saw how hard I was working and did several small things that meant a lot to me. Such as cooking the mac and cheese, clearing off the table, fixing everyone's drink, offering to fix my plate, making sure the kids hung up their church clothes and put their shoes away.

Ug.............did I mention I am tired? LOL I'm going to finish eating these beans, iron for tomorrow and go to bed. Another early day tomorrow to fit it all in.

On a good note, I rec'd $55 worth of donations for SRD so far!

Thanks for reading my jumbled words. :)

Amy aka that TOPS lady

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Week 9, Saturday, supper and bedtime snack

Supper=5 bites sirloin steak, 1 cup leftover spaghetti, half a pc of toast, 2/3 cup corn= 500 cals on the dot.

Bedtime snack= (can you guess???) another fiber one bar...140 cals

My total cals today was 1,910...which is 40 under my limit.

Tomorrow I begin my walk-a-thon week. I will only be posting once per day instead of my usual post-happy self, because I am going to be sooooooooooooooooooooo busy. Wish me luck! I'm planning to get up at 5:30 am tomorrow so I can get some walking in before time to wake everyone else up for church.

See ya tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

-that TOPS lady
Running points balance:280

Week 9, Saturday, lunch and 2nd snack

Lunch is one can of tuna with miracle whip, relish and one boiled pc of toast, half of daughter's leftover grilled cheese and 5 strawberry sugar wafers. 500 cals very well spent! 4:15 pm

Afternoon snack is a 4 pack of pb crackers....120 cals...6:15 p.m. .....I have found that the dollar general pb crackers are lower cal than whatever the other brand was...ritz maybe? anyway...go with dollar general.

Week 9, Saturday, breakfast, 1st snack & exercise

Breakfast= bran flakes and 1%milk...510 cals.....11:45 a.m.

Snack=fiber one bar...140 cals....2 pm

Walked one hour!!!! (hubby was home with the kids and I was SO glad to have an hour to myself!) 2.5 miles.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Week 9, Friday, supper, exercise, bedtime snack and recap

supper= 2 bbq chicken tenders, 1/2 cup mac and cheese, one CAN of green beans (LOL), one pc toast and jelly...491 cals

bedtime snack=fiber one bar...140 cals. (I love these things, can you tell?)

I had 78 cals to spare!

I mowed the along with my walking from earlier, I walked a total of 2 miles (55 minutes).

Running points balance is: 140 (I'm outta the hole again!)

I'm busy prepping for next week which is going to be time crunched between school, revival and walking 30 miles. whew! but I CAN and WILL do it! I'm planning to do things tonight and tomorrow to make next week easier...such as ironing ahead and cooking ahead so it can just be microwaved...oh and planning my meals so I don't even have to think "what are we gonna eat?".


Amy...aka that TOPS lady

Week 9, Friday, lunch and 2nd snack

3 dog, pc of toast with cheese, pudding....485 cals

5:44 pm....fiber one bar

I walked 1.5 miles at the track (35 minutes)

I'm resting a few minutes then I'm going outside to mow the yard.

Week 9, Friday, breakfast and 1st snack

11 a.m. breakfast.....1 cup spaghetti and 2 pc toast with jelly....516 cals.

1 pm ....first snack....100 cal bag of cookies.

A TOPS friend called me this morning and told me that she was going to make a donation towards my trip to SRD! She also had a pedometer that she is giving me.
I made my hotel reservations for SRD today. We are staying at the Radisson in Tulsa and we got the LAST room that had 2 beds! It is a smoking room and we don't smoke (we'll have to bring some smell good stuff) but I was going to be SO SAD if I didn't get a room! Sounds like I called just in the nick of time!!!!!!!!

We watched The Muppet Show while we ate breakfast. Now it is time to get busy around here!

that TOPS lady

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week 9, Thursday, supper, snacks, exercise and recap

I didn't follow the "meal, snack, meal, snack, meal, snack" and "eat every 2 hours" plan very well today. It was just a weird day.

Supper was one roll and 1.5 cups spaghetti....634 cals

Then I had 4 of these sugar wafers......150 cals

Later I had an ice cream cone........150 cals

And hubby was eating while we watched a movie, so I wanted something...I had 6 pb crackers...200 cals

I had 2,134 cals! I honestly didn't even figure my cals until just now. (shame, shame) Tomorrow is definetly back to the meal, snack, meal, snack plan! I am low on my usual snack stuff and I think that is what threw me off. I went over my cal limit by 184 cals.
I did a lot of walking today. I'm really starting to enjoy it! Hubby asked me to run an errand this evening (he was going to stay home with the kids while I ran it) and I put on my walking shoes because I was *thrilled* about sneaking in a lap when kids weren't my responsibility! Too bad I got a really bad stomach ache during the first lap. I sped off to my church (which was the nearest non-public bathroom) and by then I figured I'd better go ahead and run hubby's errand and get home. He is going to start sending the kids with me if my little errands start taking half the night. LOL
I walked a total of 1.8 miles today. 31 minutes. I'd love to have an hour every day that I could exercise and the kids be happily occupied at the same time. That is one downside of homeschooling.
I will be getting an hour in every day next week----occupied kids or not!--- because of the walkathon. Whew! I'm actually looking forward to it. The thing I need to focus on the most next week is time management, because I have a lot of walking to do AND we have schoolwork AND we are in revival that week at church. So, yes, I will be busy.
Thanks for reading, all you wonderful people out there in cyberland.
Amy aka that TOPS lady
Running points balance: neg 38

Week 9, Thursday, lunch

1 cup chicken flavored noodles, 5 crackers, hot cocoa, 2 cups cheerios with 1 cup 1% milk=720 cals......3 p.m.

I am feeling kind of yucky today. I could just crawl back in bed and sleep but I won't for 2 reasons. #1 I don't want to give in to it. #2 I have too much to do around here.

I plan to go to the track at 4 and walk.



Week 9, Thursday, breakfast and feeling "small"

Nothing sounded good this morning...and I need to buy groceries. I ended up eating a can of sliced potatoes, 1 piece of cheese and OJ for 280 cals. I ate at 11:45 because I slept until 11 because I was up until around 3 with 70 mph winds and the tornado siren going off. It was a long night.

I have a black skirt that I wear to church ALL THE TIME. However, as my stomach and behind must be getting smaller, my skirt was getting longer! Now, I wear really long skirts anyway, but when my foot kept getting caught in the skirt and I looked in the mirror and saw how tacky it was looking, I put the skirt in the sewing pile. I hemmed it yesterday. Cut off about 4 inches! And it is still long! Just not too long. It is perfect now. I also put on a blouse that I haven't worn in a while. I always wear it as a "jacket" over another shirt because it just looks better that way AND because it wouldnt' button. However, it buttoned yesterday!!! All of the way down! I got all excited and was telling hubby "Babe! Isn't this awesome! Look! Look! It is buttoned!". He was like "that's good". But he just wansn't nearly as excited as I was!

After that I looked for my heels (despite the fact that I am already 6' tall, I like to wear heels when I am feeling not so fat). I walked into church feeling like Mrs. America. LOL Isn't it funny how a little victory like buttoning a shirt can make you feel like you are a size 10? haha It was a good feeling anyway.

P.S. The sonic cup in the pic is my water. I drink 2 sonic cups full of water per day.

Have a great day!

:) Amy...aka that TOPS lady

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Week 9, Wednesday, bedtime snack and recap

After church hubby said "Let's get an ice cream" and I said "McDonalds!". I'd like to say my cone was 150 cals, but this cone was really have to be honest and count it as 200. I didn't have my camera with me.

I walked 1 mile today (22 mins).

I had 93 calories leftover.

Total running points balance is: 46. I'm finally out of the hole!

Week 9, Wednesday, afternoon snack and supper

snack= fiber one bar...140 cals

supper= 1/3 of a 6" sub sandwich and 2 fiber one bars (I was really wanting those fiber one bars today apparently!)....397 cals

( pic of sub)

Week 9, Wednesday, Lunch

tv dinner and 100 cal cookie pack....480 cals

Week 9, Wednesday, 1st snack

1:30 pm.........fiber one bar.......140 cals

Week 9, Wednesday, breakfast

500 cal breakfast......11:30 a.m.............2 pc thin slice ham, 1 pc toast (half with jelly), 3 scrambled eggs, half piece cheese.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week 8, Tuesday, supper, snack, exercise, weigh-in

Supper was 2 McDonald's burgers= 500 cals
Bedtime snack was Mickey D's cone.
I had 13 cals left.
I walked 2 and 1/3 miles today! 56 minutes.
Running points balance is negative 147.
I finally finished watching Lonesome Dove.
It is 11:52 pm and it is storming like crazy.
I plan to sleep in tomorrow.
I lost another 2.5 pounds! That makes 14 and 1/4 total in 8 weeks! I was the best loser at TOPS. I announced that I am going to go to SRD and I passed out sponsor requests.
I am just thrilled that I am actually doing this! This weight loss/diet thing is different than anytime before. This time it is for real. and for life. Just the fact that hubby said yes to us attending SRD lets me know that he sees a difference too. Wow. That is so exciting!
I'm off to read a few blogs while I keep an eye on the weather.
Goodnight and thanks for being my cyber friends :)
-that TOPS lady
P.S. My computer is not recognizing my USB port for some reason, so I can't upload any pics. You all know what ice cream and hamburgers look like anyway. LOL Just scroll down a ways. There are plenty of ice creams and hamburgers through the pages of this blog! ;)

not the best choice

I just ate 6 Hershey's kisses that snuck their way into my house in the name of a Mother's Day present. That's 132 cals..............and I'll count it as my afternoon snack although it was about as filling as air. oh well.

Week 8, Tuesday, lunch

No, I didn't eat all of that! But the pic shows the ingredients. I had 4 pieces of thin sliced deli ham 84 noodles with tomato sauce. 515 cals. ;)

I am so sleepy. The FOUR hours of sleep I got last night just isn't cutting it. Sleepiness is one of my binge triggers, so I'm watching for that today, so I can slap its face if it suggests something stupid like driving through Braums for an extra large butter pecan and chocolate almond malt.

Poor hubby got the same 4 hours of sleep and he has to teach new convert's class at church tonight. Poor guy!

I think I will be in snoozeland before he even gets home.

Week 8, Tuesday, morning snack

11:30 a.m..........fiber one bar. 140 cals.

Week 8, Tuesday, breakfast and WALK-A-THON info

I've been up 3 hours, so I guess I'd better eat. I'm just not an early eater. 500 cals worth of bran flakes with 1% milk is my breakfast, here at 8:30 a.m.

Walk-a-thon! Durning the week of May 17-23 (aka next week), I am going to walk 30 miles to raise money for SRD! I can hear your questions -- "What is SRD?" and "Have you ever walked 30 miles in a week before?".

"What is SRD?"-- SRD stand for State Recognition Days. It is a TOPS event. It is when the TOPS queen and king are crowned and lots of weight loss award winners are presented. There are also a lot of nutrition and exercise seminars going on throughout the 2 day event. It will be held May 29 & 30 at the Radisson in Tulsa.

And I WANNA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I do not have the $$$$$ to go. Hence, the walk-a-thon. I am sending a "please sponsor me" letter to my aunts and uncles. If any of my cyber friends would like to help, that would be awesome too! ANY amount--even 5 bucks--will help. While I am at SRD, I am going to try to have my pic made with "the queen" and everyone who sponsored me will recieve a thank you letter and a pic of me with the queen :) please? Don't feel bad if you are financially strapped right now. I understand. But for the others who can, I thank you so much!

On to question #2- "Have you ever walked 30 miles in a week before?" and the answer to that is a HUGE no. Looking back over my exercise log, I think the most I have ever done in a 7 day period is 9 miles. So, yes, that is going to be a huge walk for me. But I can do it!


Amy aka that TOPS lady

Monday, May 11, 2009

Week 8, Monday, supper and recap

I haven't eaten yet, but I made my plate, took the pic, and put the food in the microwave. I plan to eat around 9:30 tonight...while sitting in my bed and watching Lonesome Dove (yes, I am STILL watching that is so long and I only have time to see it in short spurts).

Supper is chicken helper, corn, green beans and a 100 cal bag of shortbread cookies. 475 cals.

Today's total cals is: 1,864...a whole 86 cals under the limit! I'll tell you, this eating every 2-3 hours REALLY helps! I have not been hungry. yay!

I had a reader comment on the weird things I eat for breakfast. I admit, I do eat nontraditional breakfast foods quite often. The good thing is, it doesn't hurt anything! ;)

Tomorrow is TOPS day. I love Tuesdays!

Also, on tomorrow's blog, I plan to have all of the info about my walk-a-thon! Oh, and Sean, if you are reading this....... how far is Ponca City from Tulsa? I am going to be (by faith I am going to be) in Tulsa the last Friday and Saturday of this month at TOPS state recognition days!

Thanks for reading!

Until tomorrow,

I'm that TOPS lady
(running points balance is negative 260 but its getting better!)

Week 8, Monday, early bedtime snack

I had to run to town this evening around 7 or so and I decided to get a McDonalds cone and do away with tonight's bedtime snack. I don't need a bedtime snack since supper is so late tonight anyway. 150 cals

Week 8, Monday, afternoon snack

4 pb crackers....134 cals.....6:10 p.m.

Week 8, Monday, lunch

3:30 pm.........small salad consisting of 2 boiled eggs, lettuce and 2 tbsp dressing, 2 pb crackers, 1 sugar free pudding, 2 thin slices ham. 500 cals.