Sunday, May 10, 2009

a very busy Saturday and Sunday

I just wrote a very long post and it got lost in cyberspace!

So here is the condensed version:

Saturday: I attended TOPS fun day which was very motivating! I walked a mile (21 mins) even though I didn't have a minute to spare. It was a very busy day.

Sunday: I had almost 20 kids in Sunday School and I was the only teacher. It stressed me.
Early this morning I wore my gown and no bra outside to get something from the car, thinking "my neighbors will all be asleep this time of the morning", however, the neighbor man who happens to be a baptist pastor, saw me. oops. I walked half a mile today...would have been more, but daugher was with me and she needed to go poop. After that, it was time to go to church. We had car trouble on our way to church.

So, that is my weekend in a nutshell! Watch for a post very soon about a walk-a-thon I'm doing! whoo hoo!

Good night.........I'm tired........thanks for are great.
- Amy, aka that TOPS lady

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  1. I suggest always writing your blog in a wod processing program first, like Word or Open Office...Then save it and just copy and paste it on your blog posting. That way if cyber space eats it, you still have a copy to try again! I spend way too much time on my blog to take the chance on the random cyber malfunction! Great job by the way!