Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Week 8, Wednesday "bedtime" snack and supper and exercise

When it was time to eat again, and it was supposed to be "supper", I was riding in the car on my way to church. So, I switched supper and bedtime snack around. In the car I had this little 100 cal pack of cookies that I found at save-a-lot (see box in photo). Church got out late and I am up washing hubby's uniform and FINALLY eating supper......salad...a big one...yum!

As crazy busy as my day way, I saw that the day was getting by with no time to exercise. I DASHED out the door right before getting dressed for church and did a QUICK walk through our subdivision. I walked .8 mile in 17 minutes.

I'm ending my day with 13 cals leftover. :)

Running points balance is: negative 187...I'm digging my way out!

Goodnight. I'm pooped. I'm thinking of staying in my gown all day tomorrow if possible. I am so tired. I know you are too. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Get some rest now.

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