Friday, May 22, 2009

Week 10, Friday, Seven Miles

I did it! I walked 7 miles today! (not all at once, but still, that's awesome for me!) Tomorrow I have to do 7 more and *then* the walk-a-thon will be O-V-E-R. I almost bit off more than I could chew with this walk-a-thon, but all I lack is 7 miles and I have a day to do it. Since I did 7 today, I know I can do 7 tomorrow.

I feel empowered. Tired, but awesomely tired. LOL

I tried going to our town's gym today. Our town has probably less than 1,000 people, so our gym is kind of hoekie, but it was so hot that I was looking for an air conditioned treadmill. Well, wouldn't you know, it was FULL of itsy bitty supermodel girls who didn't even smile and to top it off, it wasn't air conditioned. I can walk in the heat for free......its called "outside". So, that was my one free visit and I obviously didn't join. Oh big fat well.

The above picture was taken on April 9, 2009 at a relative's house. It is going to make a great "before" picture for TOPS's greatest improvement contest next year. Check out that belly! And I'm holding cake. How appropriate.

I've done enough blabbing for is calling me......I was walking at 6 am this morning.

Thanks for reading!

~ Amy aka that tall, fat lady who always wears a skirt and has been walking her fool feet off aka that TOPS lady LOL


  1. Big time congratulations to you!
    7 miles in one day is awesome! I think you've tied my personal best for one day. It will get easier and easier...Just stay consistent! And you'll make consistent progress!

    This walk-a-thon thing sounds gruelling, but what a wonderful feeling you'll have after completing the 7 miles tomorrow. You're going to do it no problem!

    You're going to have one extremely inspiring story to tell when your struggle with obesity is just a memory frozen in a picture.

    You're doing this! Fantastic!

    Take care and have an amazing Saturday!

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser

  2. Oh my gosh, 7 miles in one day? WOW! Great going!

    Enjoy your walk today! I hope it's not as hot today.

    Love your before picture with the cake! lol

  3. From another tall, fat lady, who always wears a skirt (would love to hear your reasons why)...way to go. After two days in a row of walking I am really liking it. Wish I could do it without having to walk through busy town traffic, but so be it. And I love the before picture! Cake is my utter weakness--I just stay away from it.