Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week 9, Thursday, breakfast and feeling "small"

Nothing sounded good this morning...and I need to buy groceries. I ended up eating a can of sliced potatoes, 1 piece of cheese and OJ for 280 cals. I ate at 11:45 because I slept until 11 because I was up until around 3 with 70 mph winds and the tornado siren going off. It was a long night.

I have a black skirt that I wear to church ALL THE TIME. However, as my stomach and behind must be getting smaller, my skirt was getting longer! Now, I wear really long skirts anyway, but when my foot kept getting caught in the skirt and I looked in the mirror and saw how tacky it was looking, I put the skirt in the sewing pile. I hemmed it yesterday. Cut off about 4 inches! And it is still long! Just not too long. It is perfect now. I also put on a blouse that I haven't worn in a while. I always wear it as a "jacket" over another shirt because it just looks better that way AND because it wouldnt' button. However, it buttoned yesterday!!! All of the way down! I got all excited and was telling hubby "Babe! Isn't this awesome! Look! Look! It is buttoned!". He was like "that's good". But he just wansn't nearly as excited as I was!

After that I looked for my heels (despite the fact that I am already 6' tall, I like to wear heels when I am feeling not so fat). I walked into church feeling like Mrs. America. LOL Isn't it funny how a little victory like buttoning a shirt can make you feel like you are a size 10? haha It was a good feeling anyway.

P.S. The sonic cup in the pic is my water. I drink 2 sonic cups full of water per day.

Have a great day!

:) Amy...aka that TOPS lady

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