Friday, August 7, 2009

my email

Wow...thanks for all of the nice comments!

I probably will check my email at the library from time to time but it is such a headache waiting for a computer there that it probably won't be often.

Instead of sending all of you a seperate email right now, I will just give you my email:

hsmamy at yahoo dot com

That stands for Home School Mom Amy, in case you are wondering. I know it looks like High School Musical Amy or even Home School Mamy, but no. LOL

I will keep in touch. I am way too addicted to the internet to just go away for very long. LOL

A moment of silence

Well, guess what.

Our internet is about to be turned off. I thought I'd better warn you so you wouldn't think I was dead or something! LOL

We've been without the internet before. It was 2 or 3 months last time. We are trying to dig our way out of debt.

I will return. Hopefully, when I return, I will have great losses piled up to report!

Our area leader at TOPS has proposed a challenge to our chapter that starts on Tuesday and lasts for 6 weeks. Each week we will have a new "challenge". Those who meet all of the challenges will be given a prize. I do know that one of the challenges is "walk 5 miles this week" and another one is "exercise 5 days this week", so challenges like that will be good for me. I am excited about it!

So..........................I'll be back. You all keep doing good.......and I will too.

See ya in a bit,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

busy busy busy but doing good

Wow, I have SO much to accomplish in the week we have left before school starts. This morning I completely cleaned out both kids' rooms. Threw away a bunch of junk and made it easier for them to keep clean during the school year.

I am doing good today, nutrition wise. I have kept a food diary and am doing good today. yay!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm back! ;)

Sorry for the silence for the past several days. I have just had a lot going on. I will not bore you with details. It was incosiderate to leave you hanging and I apologize.

I do want to say that FINALLY a couple of things happened that helped me get my groove back! yippeee!!!! I missed it!!! I'm glad it came back. :)

The things were:

#1 I finally showed a weight loss at TOPS after a several weeks of either gaining a little or staying the same. I lost a pound and a half this week and I wasn't even trying. Nothing motivates me better than success. So now I AM trying and I know that next week will be a loss. I KNOW.

#2 Our TOPS area captain is challenging my chapter to a "Cruise to Lose" contest. It starts next week, but as our leader, I need to start preparing some of the stuff this week. Each week we will have a challenge and if we meet the challenge, we will get a little further on our "cruise". I'm going to play it up as much as I can and try to get my group motivated. (and stay motivated myself)

#3 Out of 13 (I think) TOPS members weighing in tonight, we only had ONE gain! It was almost a no gain meeting! Our net loss was almost 18 pounds! whoo hoo!

So..............there's the long and short of things. In summary, I have been busy, unmotivated and blah but now I am busy, motivated and yay!

Thanks for hanging with me through it all.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Today was so busy. Town was so crowded. I had so many errands to run. I am exhausted and I am feeling guilty for sitting at the computer instead of watching a movie with the I am headed to the kids.

Hopefully I will have a better post by Monday! Thanks for sticking with me.