Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm back! ;)

Sorry for the silence for the past several days. I have just had a lot going on. I will not bore you with details. It was incosiderate to leave you hanging and I apologize.

I do want to say that FINALLY a couple of things happened that helped me get my groove back! yippeee!!!! I missed it!!! I'm glad it came back. :)

The things were:

#1 I finally showed a weight loss at TOPS after a several weeks of either gaining a little or staying the same. I lost a pound and a half this week and I wasn't even trying. Nothing motivates me better than success. So now I AM trying and I know that next week will be a loss. I KNOW.

#2 Our TOPS area captain is challenging my chapter to a "Cruise to Lose" contest. It starts next week, but as our leader, I need to start preparing some of the stuff this week. Each week we will have a challenge and if we meet the challenge, we will get a little further on our "cruise". I'm going to play it up as much as I can and try to get my group motivated. (and stay motivated myself)

#3 Out of 13 (I think) TOPS members weighing in tonight, we only had ONE gain! It was almost a no gain meeting! Our net loss was almost 18 pounds! whoo hoo!

So..............there's the long and short of things. In summary, I have been busy, unmotivated and blah but now I am busy, motivated and yay!

Thanks for hanging with me through it all.


  1. I just came by to give you an "Oh, Amy, where are you" comment!

    Here you are, yay!

    Congrats on your loss. That's fantastic.

    I'm glad you've got your groove back. Your cruise should be fun, and congrats on a wonderful meeting with only 1 gain!

    You have been missed!

  2. That was an awesome meeting! Way to go Captain! I am trying to feel motivated again. I will find it--maybe in a pile of laundry.

    PS--Yes, the bottle brushes that are like a dollar in America are 10-15 dollars here. So, my Mom sends them to me, especially after Grandpa went through the first two we had. We've all told him a million times. He obviously doesn't listen.

  3. Congratulations on your loss! I just found your blog, and I'm glad - looks like you're doing great! I am also a SAHM trying to lose weight, and its nice to know I'm not alone out here! Keep up the great work : )