Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hey, Sugar ;) (Look! I'm still alive!)

Did you think I had died? We have NOT had the lazy days of summer around here. Busy busy busy. VBS, camp, and now selling fireworks for the church. Always something! But I am alive and kicking!

Our co-leader at TOPS passed away rather unexpectly 2-3 weeks after finding out that she had cancer.

I am still yo-yoing the same 5 pounds or so. 303-308. I was 308 yesterday. I was 308 in July 2009. So I pretty much wasted a year. I feel like I have tried hard. But I have done nothing. And as I write this,I am wanting something good to eat :)

I have done good on my fast of "anything that has sugar as the first ingredient". I have found that a lot of things do not have sugar as the first ingredient but still can be full of sugar. But there have been a few things I had to walk away from because sugar was the first ingredient. Brownies. Frosting.

Yesterday's TOPS program was about how much sugar we eat. We took the average person's food journal and then put actual table sugar in a jar to represent how much sugar they consumed. It was 2 cups! So I think I will do that this week----put the sugar in the jar at the end of the day so I can SEE how much addictive,unhealthy sugar I am putting in my body.

Well, there you have it. I hope to update more regularly. :) Thanks for missing me!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Well, not *literally* running, but staying OH so busy! yikes!

Yesterday I got my ss room done (yay!), which took hours and hours. I also signed the kids up for the summer reading program at the library, took them to storytime and got tables from the church to use for the yard sale.

Today I will take the kids to another library activity, swing by my sister's to get her yard sale stuff, prepare ALL of my yard sale stuff (I haven't even started) and the newspaper says I will be having a bake sale and selling nachos from 5-8 tonight so I will do that (and yes, I still have to bake the stuff). So...plenty to do around here!

Sorry I haven't been able to read many blogs during this busyness. Things should slow down on Monday.

On the bright side, I apparently have been too busy to overeat. The above pic shows me weighing under 301 on the wii last night. (The other pics are my ss room). In February, I got down to 300.75 for just a few days...other than that, this is the lowest I have been in three and a half years! I should say, I hadn't eaten in hours when the pic was taken, so it may not be accurate, but it thrilled me nevertheless.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

busy, busy,busy but good.

This sign in the grocery store made me laugh. They left out the decimal, making the original price of the cantaloupe 2 for five *hundred* dollars instead of 2 for five dollars. Since they are marked down to 99 cents now, that's a savings of $249.01!!! Quite a bargain! *wink, wink!* (Also, it is supposed to read "DUE to the quality" not "DO to the quality". I mean, we all have our days (me included!) when we do silly things like that...but the sad part about it is that apparently NO ONE who works at the store realized the error. Or maybe they did and they just felt bad about correcting the person who made it. Who knows. Whatever. Made me laugh. :)

Sorry I haven't posted lately. Things are busy! This weekend I am having a yard sale, bake sale,and selling nachos. It is time to completely remodel my Sunday school room and it has to be done by Sunday morning. Also, my son leaves Monday for camp so there's prep for that. aaacccckkkk! busy! :) But I am handling it well.

Yesterday we went to town and bought ALL of the things son will need for camp and all the groceries we will need for the next two weeks. I didn't get home until after 11 p.m.! But that is DONE and I can mark that off my list.

I also went to my TOPS meeting and had my third week of losses in a row :) I lost 1.75 pounds, weighing in at 305.5, so I was pleased with that. God has really blessed me. I really haven't been having trouble with the no sweets thing. It is just settled in my mind. I KNOW I'm not going to have them, so it's not even something to contemplate. For me, it's totally different when I make a vow to God and when I make one to myself. I break promises to myself often. But not to God! If I speak it in a vow to Him, then that's just the way it's going to be. Anyway............this long paragraph is just to say that I'm doing well with that. And my calories have been several hundred under the limit. yay!

My dear sister took me out for a diet cherry coke last night and I enjoyed that.

I've gotta get busy again! Thanks for reading!