Friday, June 4, 2010


Well, not *literally* running, but staying OH so busy! yikes!

Yesterday I got my ss room done (yay!), which took hours and hours. I also signed the kids up for the summer reading program at the library, took them to storytime and got tables from the church to use for the yard sale.

Today I will take the kids to another library activity, swing by my sister's to get her yard sale stuff, prepare ALL of my yard sale stuff (I haven't even started) and the newspaper says I will be having a bake sale and selling nachos from 5-8 tonight so I will do that (and yes, I still have to bake the stuff). So...plenty to do around here!

Sorry I haven't been able to read many blogs during this busyness. Things should slow down on Monday.

On the bright side, I apparently have been too busy to overeat. The above pic shows me weighing under 301 on the wii last night. (The other pics are my ss room). In February, I got down to 300.75 for just a few days...other than that, this is the lowest I have been in three and a half years! I should say, I hadn't eaten in hours when the pic was taken, so it may not be accurate, but it thrilled me nevertheless.

Have a great day!


  1. Congrats on the loss !! And I absolutely LOVE your room for SS ! I am a homeschooler, and only one year have I been able to devote a room strictly to school- usually it happens on the dining room table, the kitchen, the living room and a million other places. The stuff is contained to one area, but always present. Having a separate area is absolutely wonderful !

  2. Room looks cute Amy and way to go on the 300.75. Hope it gets less busy for you soon.

  3. well, you kept losing and I kept gaining, now you've caught me! Now...let's see you keep up ; )
    You are doing's to a good week next week for us both!

  4. @ shrinking family= We only had a classroom for our homeschooling one year too. Now we are at the kitchen table or l.r. couch as well. The above pictures are my sunday school room AT CHURCH. I teach ages 3-6. We completely redo the theme of our rooms every 3 months. A lot of work, but it keeps it exciting for the kiddos. :)

  5. Hey, just wondering if you have your step totals for week #8? Want to declare a winner later today. Hope you're doing ok this week.

  6. Where are you??? I miss your posts!