Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Week 2, Tuesday, weigh in, snack and recap

I lost 1.25 pounds at weigh in. Not bad, considering all of the cheating I did this past week. I now weigh 321.25. My goal for this week is to not go over my calories at all. I can do it.
At our next meeting, I will be the leader. I was sent home with a bunch of stuff, which looks pretty neat (lots of before pictures in there). I plan to alternate cleaning and looking through this stuff every 20 minutes or so until 11:45, then hit the sack.
I'm drinking a cup of ovaltine milk. (because yes, I am still craving slimfast). 140 calories, with 30 calories left over to go in the "bank".
Running points balance is now minus 340.

Week 2, Tuesday, Supper and exercise

650 calories for a very good KFC meal consisting of 1 biscuit, one original recipe breast with skin removed (ok...it has skin in the pic...but believe me, I didn't eat the skin), 2 servings mashed potatoes with gravy, family size green beans. (you can eat a whole family size green beans for like 75 calories!) Also a big ol' cherry diet coke.

I have 170 calories left.

I walked .5 mile in 14 minutes.

Week 2, Tuesday, lunch

grilled cheese, half a pb & jelly with nuts (yum).

Almsot time to go to TOPS! whoo hoo!

Week 2, Tuesday, breakfast

2 cups of ovaltine milk, 1/3 cup mixed nuts, 1 oz cheddar cheese = 630 calories.

I got out of bed earlier today and I have accomplished quite a bit so far. Maybe today won't be as rush rush as my days usually are.

I can't wait to weigh in tonight! (even though it is iffy...because of those several BAD food days I had)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Week 2, Monday, supper and recap

I was right. It is late. 11:09 and I am eating supper. Taco salad and a piece of toast with jelly. 30 calories left! whoo hoo!

I was SO busy today, I didn't walk. I'm exhausted. Why am I so busy? What about the moms who work full time outside of the home? How do *they* have time for it all? I'm at home and still can't accomplish everything. *sigh*

Anyway, running points balance is now minus 470.

Week 2, Monday, lunch

I am in a rut of running late. I stay up late because I am *still* trying to get things done AND because I want some ME time. Then I sleep late because I stayed up late. Then I eat breakfast late (around 11:00) because I slept late. Then lunch is late (4 p.m. today) because breakfast was late. Therefore, supper will probably be late too. eerrrrr.. vicious cycle!

Anyway, here's my lunch. Mexican tv dinner, stick of cheese, glass of ovaltine milk. 770 calories, leaving 760.

Week 2, Monday, breakfast

Wow! Can you believe all of this food is only 470 calories? Tuna salad (made with light miracle whip), an apple, 2 pc toast, and instant oatmeal. Leaving 1,530 for the day.

My "to-do" list today is HUGE but at least some of it is fun (ladies' salad supper at church).

I'm feeling great this morning. Let's hope it lasts!

;) that TOPS lady

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week 2, Sunday

No pics, because it is my day of rest (even from the diet).

But I did walk a half a mile (12 minutes) just because I wanted to. whoo hoo

I was planning to cook a big greasy pancake tonight but as I was checking out at the dollar general, the checker (whom I see about once a week) said "You look like you've lost some weight." My mouth dropped. I was so excited! So I went home and ate cheerios instead ;)

See ya tomorrow,
that TOPS lady

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Week 2, Saturday, recap

Sadly, I had another one of these terrible things ( whoever created Little Debbies, really shouldn't have).

This has been a hard week. (obviously)

But I am not giving up.

Running points total is MINUS 500.

P.S. Where are my readers? I need you!

Week 2, Saturday, supper

sirloin steak (this was SO good!), toast, chicken flavored rice, corn, sweet tea. 790 calories. *clears throat* Leaving me MINUS 290.

Week 2, Saturday, snack

I probably (ok, definitely) shouldn't have bought these. I bought a box to give to my Sunday School class ( all kids in my class go home with a coloring sheet and a little debbie ;) Unfortunately, I bought a box for us too.

310 calories. Leaving 500.

Week 2, Saturday, lunch and exercise

Lunch= chicken noodle soup, egg sandwich, tost with jelly, peanut butter & honey toast. 630 calories. Leaving 810 for the day.

I actually walked a quick (5 minute) 1/4 mile. Bbrrrrr it was a cold and windy 40 degrees today.

Week 2, Saturday, breakfast

I'm back in the saddle today :)

Breakfast is 2 pepperoni lean pockets. 560 calories. Leaving 1,440 for the day.

Week 2, Friday

Oh dear. Can we just pretend Friday didn't happen? I waaayy overdid it, no telling how many calories I used. I was really hungry for a slimfast shake (I still am). But I didn't have any slimfast, so I ate lots of this and that and then that evening I bought a carton of ice cream and made milkshakes.

But in the spirit of honesty, here's my food intake:

Breakfast was:

a hot pocket, 3 eggs, 2pc toast, jelly, chocolate milk.

Lunch was:

2 puddings and a stick of cheese

Supper was:

a hamburger, shells and cheese, rice krispie treat.

The extra junk I ate (no picture) was:

2 chocolate milkshakes and 2 pieces of cheese

Running points total: 0

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Week 2, Thursday, supper

Hubby wanted frozen pizza for supper which was so easy. I wanted to eat half of a grocery store and I knew I wouldn't be able to eat much pizza without going over my calories, so I came up with this stuff for my supper instead. I wasn't hungry for a "little bit" of anything. I wanted a LOT of something ;) I had instant oatmeal, 1/4 cup milk, an apple and a hot pocket. It took every calorie but I didn't go over! Yay!

Running total of points is 729.

Week 2, Thursday, exercise

So I take the nap and I am on the bed being lazy and thinking about my dad's friend who complained about being SO tired and then had a heart attack. And I am wondering "Am I going to have a heart attack?"
Then hubby comes home and starts putting on his walking shoes (that's him in the pic). Errr..I am so competitive....so I drag myself up and go with him and I end up walking 3/4 mile! (19 minutes).
I was tired still, but not as much after that.

Week 2, Thursday, lunch and EXHAUSTED

Wow. I ate all of this for lunch, only leaving 645 for the day.
For the past 2 days I have really struggled. I am very very tired. I have found that when I am tired, I just don't care. I want to eat. I want to eat sweets. eerrrr.
Why can't I get rested? I slept for 9 hours last night and I am still pooped.
I am about to go to bed for a short nap.
*blah* sorry this is so discouraging. At least I haven't gone over my calories.

Week 2, Thursday, breakfast

1 cup elbow noodles with tomato sauce, 1 slice turkey breast, 1 stick cheddar cheese, one sugar free pudding. 640 calories, leaving 1,360 for the day.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Week 2, Wednesday, *sigh*

*sigh* I am sighing over these 3 granola bars that I ate. They were 300 calories and I only had 145 to spare. So I will withdraw 155 from my "points".
It is a good thing there were only 3 granola bars left. I was going to eat however many were left.
I have noticed a pattern. My willpower is the weakest when I am the most tired. And right now I am totally exhausted. Totally.
There just seems to be more to do than I can possibly accomplish in a day. *sigh* I plan to sleep in tomorrow.
I guess I have the blah's. Snow and cold weather are coming, which means no walking at the track. I *could* dig out my Richard Simmon's Disco Sweat dvd (ok now, stop laughing) but I hate that thing. Hate it. blech.
I'm going to bed and hopefully will wake up chipper and full of energy.
Somebody please comment me. I could use a good comment right now. LOL
My running total of points is now 629.

Week 2, Wednesday, supper

Came in from church and whipped up a mexican casserole and also ate a rice krispie treat. I am really tired. 600 calories on supper. 145 left.

Week 2, Wednesday, exercise

And here I am in my church clothes, doing a quick 7 minute lap around the football field......I had such a busy day but I didn't want to neglect my walking!

Week 2, Wednesday, snack

100 calorie cheese stick, eaten on the way to church. 745 left.

Week 2, Wednesday, Lunch

Lunch is one cup of mac and cheese and one cup of peas. 520 calories, leaving 845 for the day.

Week 2, Wednesday, snack

100 calorie granola bar. Leaving 1,365 for the day.

Week 2, Wednesday, breakfast

The other half of my footlong sub and an ice cream sandwich.

535 calories, leaving 1,465 for the day.

Now we are headed to the store to buy groceries! I hope I use wisdom.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week 2, Tuesday, supper, exercise and recap

I'm still on a trip about the great loss this week. I told you I normally eat pretty bad. It's sad when 2,000 calories a day is a major change for your body. Anyway, I am glad it is on its way down!

I walked ONE MILE today after TOPS. It took me 24 minutes. There were skinny little joggers passing me left and right and I almost felt intimidated, but then I realized that if I quit, I will ALWAYS feel intimidated by skinny/healthy people. So, I kept going and walked my mile and held my head high.

Snack was 2 granola bars. ( I love granola bars too much. I shouldn't buy them! )

Supper was a 6 inch turkey sub from subway, a can of sliced new potatoes and one slice of cheese.

I had 40 calories left.

Running points total is now 684.

Weigh In!

I *knew* I lost this week! I was the best loser tonight at TOPS with a 4.75 weight loss! Tonight's weight is 322.5 and it is going down ;) Thanks for helping me this week.

Week 2, Tuesday's lunch

680 calories. whopper junior and hershey's sundae pie from burger king. Leaves me with 850.

Oh, and there's a pic of how poorly I fit in the booth at BK. I don't normally take photos of my stomach in public but the place was pretty much empty.

Ok.......going out the door now to go to tops!

Week 2, Tuesday's breakfast

The LAST of the honey bunches of oats cereal ( I'm so glad it won't be there to tempt me anymore!), 1% milk and a corn dog (cooked in the oven, not deep fried). 470 calories, leaving 1,530.
This evening is TOPS and I can't wait to weigh! whoo hoo!
And tomorrow is payday and I can't wait to buy a few healthier groceries (although I will be on a super tight budget).
It's a good day. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Day seven, supper and recap

Supper was a broiled skinless chicken breast, green beans and corn. I have ONE measley calorie leftover, which I will add to my "points". Also there's the 100 points for exercising....so.....my running total of points is.......(drum roll please)........544!

It is 9 p.m. and I am just pooped. I'm going to bed. Goodnight and thanks for reading!

Day seven, exercise and competetion

Despite 40 mph winds, we made a lap ( 1/4 mile ) at the track. Here's hubby and I in the picture. It took 7 minutes.

Remember when I said hubby was competing with me? Well, he weighed Sunday and he lost 2.5 pounds. (picture me sticking my tongue out at him) My weigh in day is tomorrow. I *know* I lost!

Day seven, lunch

Fish stick sandwich, half of a pb&j sandwich, a large glass of chocolate 1% milk = 877 calories.

Day seven, snack

While doing school work this morning, my daughter wanted a snack. I said "Let's share an apple", which we did. This made me want to eat something else too, so now I am eating a 100 calorie bag of popcorn. 140 calories. Leaving 1,430.

Day Seven, breakfast

Tuna salad, 2 pc toast, 1 oz cheddar cheese, water. 430 calories, leaving 1,570 for the day.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday is a day of rest.

So, I rest on Sundays. I go to church and I take a nap and that is about it. So I will not be blogging or taking pics of my food. (by the way, this is not because of some Biblical mandate or anything, but just because I like to have a day to lounge around and not feel guilty about it!) I'll be back Monday.

Until then,

I'm that TOPS lady

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day five, supper and recap

Half a piece of baked pork loin.

3/4 cup ranch style beans.

1/2 cup corn.

2 and 1/4 cup honey bunches of oats.

1 cup 2% milk.


diet coke.


This took every last calorie, but I didn't go over.

I read "TOPS News" while I ate and thought about what kind of dress *I* will wear when I get to walk across that stage as queen sometime.

Points Running Total Balance: 443

Day five, walking

I walked a mile today! It took 22 minutes. :)

Day five, lunch

Four granola bars and 3 pieces of turkey breast.

590 calories, leaving 745.

Day five, breakfast

1 cup lasagna hamburger helper
.75 cup peas
2 pc toast
conversation hearts
665 calories, leaving 1335 for the day.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day four, supper and recap

Supper was mashed potatoes, sugar carrots, and green beans. 429 cals.


100 for exercise, 15 for leftover calories

Running Total of Points: 343

Day four, exercise

I think hubby is competing with me. (that is him in the pic) Tonight he wanted to go walking with me. I walked .75 mile, he walked 1 mile. The kids walked too. I'm giving myself 100 points for exercising today.

Day four, lunch

Oh I wish I didn't love food. Ya know, that fish stick sandwich we had last night was really good. I think I will have one for lunch BUT WAIT ! someone gave us a box of honey bunches of oats with almonds. That is my favorite cereal and I *could* eat the entire box at one sitting. *sigh*

One fish stick sandwich, one and half cups milk, and 2 and one forth cups cereal = 926 calories.

Leaving me with 444 for the day.

Day four, breakfast

2 scrambled eggs

2pc toast


conversation hearts


hot cocoa
630 calories, leaving 1,370 for the day

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day three, supper and recap

Tonight's supper is a fish stick sandwich, a large glass of chocolate milk and half of a pb&j sandwich. 838 calories.

I walked (around and around the outside of my house while on a very long phone call) for 22 minutes. yay me!


28 points from leftover calories

100 points for exercising

Points running total: 228 (any idea for a reward for when I reach 1,000 points?)

Day three, lunch

Well, what do you know, it is 4 p.m. and I am just now eating lunch! It has turned out to be another busy day! I am evaluating what really needs to be done and what can wait. I need to finish schoolwork with the kids, cook supper, walk, make hubby's lunch and dry his work clothes. Those are the have-to's. Housework can wait.

For lunch I am eating 1 cup of mac and cheese (it is on the bottom of the bowl, you can't see it in the pic) and I CAN of green beans :) 522 calories. Leaving me a balance of 866.

Day three, snack

This is a junior size chocolate yogurt. I forgot to take the pic until after I had eaten a few bites. The kids had coupons for free ice cream and I couldn't just sit there! I thought this would be the healthies option. 110 calories. Leaving me with 1,388.