Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm pregnant!!!

Yes, I am.

I am 35 years old and my husband is almost 41. Our other kids are 14 and almost 12. This wasn't planned, but we are happy!

I am not going to just junk out. I want this to be the healthiest pregnancy ever.

Today is day three, I think, that I haven't sent you a food dairy. Today I just didn't..but I counted my calories and went over by about 400 because I decided to eat a quasadilla when hubby asked me to fix him one.

Wednesday I was sick, sick, sick. I ate comfort food, then I felt even worse! I think I stayed in calorie range with the comfort food but still--it wasn't good stuff-- manwich and ice cream. LOL

Then yesterday I had a very busy day and then ended up in the ER for 4 hours because I was spotting. :( I am on light duty (no exercise, lots of rest, no lifting, etc) for 3 weeks.They couldn't find an explanation for the spotting, said my cervix was closed and an ultrasound found a heartbeat. I go back tomorrow for more bloodwork, to compare it to yesterdays.

So...yeah...lots going on. In the midst of this, dad had an episode of about half an hour where he had to focus very hard to breathe right. (He has terminal lung cancer..less than 6 months to live, they say) School starts Monday--homeschool, that is--I am plenty involved. And I have stuff in my fridge that's probably been in there over a month. Oh, I am also supposed to not stress about anything LOL

I am doing my best to go with the flow.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

food diary Tuesday 8-13-13

Today was busy. I am always busy, have you noticed? It gets on my nerves. I don't enjoy being busy but I enjoy all the things I do LOL ...and those things make me busy. Oh well! Today I took food to a lady in our church whose sister had passed away. Then I ran errands and gave my mom a ride. I went home and braided my daughter's hair and took her to therapy. Then I took a folding table and folding chairs to my parents'. I came back home for about 30 minutes (during that time I washed dishes, joy joy). Then we went back over to my parents to visit with my cousin and his parents. I just got home around 9 p.m. and I finished kitchen cleaning the kitchen and put on my pajamas. I am now sitting on my bed typing and my daughter is in my bathroom supposedly getting ready for bed and talking my ear off even though I told her I am trying to concentrate :)

Weight: 258.8 (8.8 more pounds until end of challenge----and I will be glad because I have been really wanting something sweet!)

Breakfast: kasha cereal, banana, milk, walnuts

Lunch: Billy Sims smoked chicken sandwich

Snack: kasha mocha bar

supper: 3 pieces (I had only planned to eat two :( ) of pizza hut pizza and a small side salad

Calories: I couldn't find calories on the Billy Sims...but if I were guessing, I probably went over by about 150 calories today.

Exercise: 3 miles...took me 56 minutes

Water: 100 ounces

Monday, August 12, 2013

food diary 8-12-13 Monday

Would you believe after that 14 hour sleep last I am still tired? And moody. moody, moody, moody and wearing my feelings on my shoulder. And getting upset over stupid stuff like sitting here at 10 p.m., totally exhausted, with a sink FULL of dishes...and I see pics on fb of an acquaintance and in the background is a perfect, perfect, perfect house.'s what I ate. I stayed in range with calories, protein and fiber. I drank about 90 ounces of water and did a 20 minute Leslie dvd.

I lack 9.4 pounds to be done with this challenge.

Today I had access to little debbies and I really, really wanted one. But, I didn't.

Breakfast: homemade veggie soup and crackers and a kasha mocha bar (I know...not typical breakfast food..but it is what I wanted LOL)

Lunch: one slice of frozen cheese pizza, 1 cup instant mashed potatoes, half cup black eyed peas, 1 T peanut butter

Snack: triscuits and cheddar cheese and a fiber one bar

Supper: 1 cup chicken spaghetti, 1 cup green beans, half an apple, 2 boiled eggs

Calories 2072 (in range)

I'm going to wash dishes for 10 minutes and go to bed.

Thanks for reading!

food diary Sunday 8-11-13

I fell asleep at 5 p.m. yesterday and slept 14 hours (!) so that is why this is late being posted.

I got back from picking my son up at 3:15 a.m. then slept less than 4 hours then went to teach Sunday School.

I ate kasha cereal, organic granola, and milk on the way.

After I got home, I cleaned the living room (company was coming!) and I was starving so I ate a kasha mocha bar, then slept about 20 minutes.

Company came (my cousin from NJ and his parents) and took my family out to eat at my dad's favorite restaurant---Bill's catfish. There is a lot of emotion behind this. My dad has been having chemo for about 9 months or so and it killed his taste buds. He was miserable, not being able to taste and was losing a lot of weight. He decided to quit the chemo because he thought living a shorter time and being able to eat was better than living a longer time and being miserable. However, the day we went in to officially quit chemo, we got tests results back that said his cancer was growing. He compromised on a 3 week break from chemo. During that time, he has regained his taste. We decided we all needed to eat at dad's favorite place, as one big happy family, one more time while he can enjoy it...before he starts chemo back. So........yeah........Bill's catfish.........where EVERY SINGLE PLATTER you can choose from is deep fried.

I ordered a HALF order of the catfish plate and a side salad, which was basically a cup of iceburg.

I probably got in 60 oz of water during the day.

I went home and later had a fiber one bar.

Then I fell asleep at 5 p.m. and that is that.

SO,....I did not meet many of my goals yesterday. But, I did my best in the situations I was in. And I sure needed the sleep.

My weight this morning is 259.4

Saturday, August 10, 2013

food diary 8-10-13 Saturda

Today was a very hard day. You don't want to know all the details. I'll sum it up this way: I didn't get my exercise in (boo) and I won't be in bed by 10 p.m. because we are leaving the house at 10:30 to go on a 3.5 hour (round trip) drive to pick up my son who has spent the week 15 hours away. (Other people drove him 15. The least I can do is pick him up. Even if it is in the middle of the night.

So, in summary, I didn't hit all of my goals 100% on target, but I still did really well.

Breakfast.....430 cals:
kashi cereal, milk, banana

Lunch...550 calories:
homemade veggie soup, crackers, fiber one bar

Snack.....130 cals
kashi mocha bar

Supper....720 cals
4 slices pizza hut medium pizza with chicken, green pepper, onion and only half the cheese

Later...210 cals
half pb&j on flax bread

I was in range for calories, protein and fiber and I had approx. 100 oz water today.

Friday, August 9, 2013

food diary Friday 8-9-13

Woke at 7:30.

Weighed 260.4 (down 1.6 in challenge, 10.4 to go in challenge)

Exercise: Rode bike 2.4 miles. It took 24 minutes.

9:05 breakfast....430 calories:
kasha cereal, milk, banana

11:30 lunch....613 calories:
turkey and cheese open face sandwich on one slice flax seed bread
half an apple
14 grapes
fiber one bar
1 T peanut butter

2:30 p.m....snack 185 calories:
protein bar

6:00 p.m.....supper....902 calories
smoothie made from milk and greek yogurt and peanut butter,
half ounce cheddar cheese
2 cups homemade veggie soup
10 saltine crackers

Stayed in range for calories, protein and fiber.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

food diary Thur. 8-8-13

Woke at 7:31

Weighed 262.0

@8:30...walked/jogged 3 miles at track...took 55 minutes

@10:30 breakfast...672 calories:
1 cup kashi cereal
15 grams walnuts
1 cup milk
half pb&j on flax seed bread

@2:00 lunch....683 calories:
1 can of tuna with
1.5 T light miracle whip,
1 T sweet relish,
and one boiled egg.
6 triscuits
1 oz cheddar cheese
1 fiber one bar
10 grapes

@6:15 supper...756 caloris
4 ounces boneless skinless chicken breast
1 king's Hawaiian roll
half cup corn
1 cup green beans
half cup stove top stuffing
1 cup 50/50 mix (greens and spinach)
1T ranch dressing
protein bar

100 ounces of water

I did stay in range for calories, protein and fiber. I met all of my goals today.

Enough of this

Today I weigh 262 pounds.

As faithful readers will know, I had a great year last year and reached 81 pounds lost (with 60 remaining). I weighed 250. Then last October my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and my world has been upside down with one thing after another and repeats of the same stress, over and over and over.

I regained 16 pounds.

I felt like I had regained all 81. Fat. Defeated.

And I fought with those 16 pounds every day since then. Some days I had the victory. Most days I was pinned and couldn't get up. Or wouldn't get up.

Anyway.......................I'm currently, as of today,12 pounds above my lowest. AND I AM TIRED OF IT. Enough of this. I'm tired of the yo-yo.

I know what to do. (Your "what to do" may be different than mine. That's ok. I know me. And I've been very successful in losing weight before, so I know what works for me).

I have to go public. I have to be out there. I have to make some rules to get me out of the yo-yo string. I have to start reporting to my weight loss mentor again. I hate that. I want to be able to do it without someone holding my hand.

However, I'd rather hold someone's hand and get fit than sit here alone and get fatter.

So, here it is.

THE "Enough-of-this,-get-back-on-track-because-you-are-too-awesome-to-be-this-fat plan."

*This plan shall be in effect from today, August 8th, until the day I get back down to my lowest weight-loss-in-progress weight of 250.0 pounds. Then I have permission to re-evaluate or tweak my plan but NOT UNTIL THEN.

*I will not eat breakfast unless that day's entire meal plan has been written out. Preferably it will be written the night before.

*I will follow my "5K training exercise plan" that is on my kitchen wall, no matter what.

*I will drink more than 100 ounces of water per day.

*I will not consume liquid calories, with the exception of a fruit smoothie (homemade).

*I will not eat desserts (I MAY eat fiber one bars, kasha bars, protein bars or pb&j on flax bread, which some may consider dessert, but I do not). In other words, no ice cream, cakes, pies, candy, junk.....

*I will consume a minimum of 5 fruits and vegetable servings per day.

*I will stay within prescribed limits for calories, protein and fiber EVERY day.

*I will post what I ate and my exercise on my blog each day.

*I will email my food/exercise diary to my weight loss mentor each day.

*I will take 3 minutes (or more) each day in silent meditation about my weight loss and health.

*I will be in bed by 10 p.m. each night.

Thanks for reading!