Friday, August 9, 2013

food diary Friday 8-9-13

Woke at 7:30.

Weighed 260.4 (down 1.6 in challenge, 10.4 to go in challenge)

Exercise: Rode bike 2.4 miles. It took 24 minutes.

9:05 breakfast....430 calories:
kasha cereal, milk, banana

11:30 lunch....613 calories:
turkey and cheese open face sandwich on one slice flax seed bread
half an apple
14 grapes
fiber one bar
1 T peanut butter

2:30 p.m....snack 185 calories:
protein bar

6:00 p.m.....supper....902 calories
smoothie made from milk and greek yogurt and peanut butter,
half ounce cheddar cheese
2 cups homemade veggie soup
10 saltine crackers

Stayed in range for calories, protein and fiber.

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