Tuesday, August 13, 2013

food diary Tuesday 8-13-13

Today was busy. I am always busy, have you noticed? It gets on my nerves. I don't enjoy being busy but I enjoy all the things I do LOL ...and those things make me busy. Oh well! Today I took food to a lady in our church whose sister had passed away. Then I ran errands and gave my mom a ride. I went home and braided my daughter's hair and took her to therapy. Then I took a folding table and folding chairs to my parents'. I came back home for about 30 minutes (during that time I washed dishes, joy joy). Then we went back over to my parents to visit with my cousin and his parents. I just got home around 9 p.m. and I finished kitchen cleaning the kitchen and put on my pajamas. I am now sitting on my bed typing and my daughter is in my bathroom supposedly getting ready for bed and talking my ear off even though I told her I am trying to concentrate :)

Weight: 258.8 (8.8 more pounds until end of challenge----and I will be glad because I have been really wanting something sweet!)

Breakfast: kasha cereal, banana, milk, walnuts

Lunch: Billy Sims smoked chicken sandwich

Snack: kasha mocha bar

supper: 3 pieces (I had only planned to eat two :( ) of pizza hut pizza and a small side salad

Calories: I couldn't find calories on the Billy Sims...but if I were guessing, I probably went over by about 150 calories today.

Exercise: 3 miles...took me 56 minutes

Water: 100 ounces

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