Sunday, May 30, 2010

40 days

Last weekend, during church, I was just overwhelmed with the feeling that God was speaking to me that THIS is my year of Jubilee....and that great things are going to happen THIS year....and I was going to overcome the things that have weighed me down. Including my weight. You may remember me telling about dancing at church because I was so overcome with joy! Well, things have been awesome since then. My anxiety issue is gone. I told the pastor's wife that I am willing to sing when she needs me to now. (I had previously quit because of the anxiety issue). I've been happy. I don't know the background of my readers, you may not understand what I am about to say. But I feel like I did when I recieved the Holy Ghost for the first time.

So, I want to DO something to tell God "Yes, I believe You will do what You impressed upon my heart." I had something in mind, but I didn't want to leap without looking. Then Loretta's comment confirmed what I was thinking about. I didn't feel right just taking the promise and doing nothing. I wanted an act to SHOW my belief and to say thank you.

There's something about 40 days that is special to God. I don't understand why but all throughout the Bible we read about things that happened 40 days at a time.

And I wanted to offer God something that means a lot to me, something of value to me. So....I offer sweets. Yep, for the next 40 days, I am fasting from things that have sugar as the first ingredient. (unless I accidently eat something that I don't realize has sugar as a first ingredient). I vowed. I will. Because I am thankful and because I KNOW that if I jump off this cliff, He will catch me. :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bubble Belly

I am finally off all meds and awake! yay! Thanks for missing me!

Tuesday is payday. Until then, I am B-R-O-K-E. *sigh*

I started to use this as an excuse to eat whatever I want, with the mentality of "well, that's all there is, there's no healthy food in the house". (In all actuality, that's a lie. We have apples, soup and kashi bars--healthy foods that I can think of just off the top of my head)

And so, for breakfast I FRIED myself one and a half grilled cheeses and also had TWO pieces of FRIED buttery toast with jelly. Not wise and not healthy.

Then I took my shower and got dressed. My jean skirt barely fit. Perhaps because it just came out of the dryer (ya know how clothes stretch after you've worn them a few hours) or.........maybe because I ate whatever I wanted this week and made flimsy excuses to do so. I haven't weighed, so I don't know where I stand on that. is a picture of the bubble belly I saw when I put on the jean skirt. I HATE that! I will NOT have that! And so I decided to get out my journal, write down the junk I had for breakfast and continue my day with HEALTHY choices.

Thank you God for letting me see this bubble belly to remind me that I am to take better care of myself.

Btw, I am not down. As a matter of fact, I am UP! I still believe GOD is going to do GREAT things THIS year in MY life! I need to quit hindering Him! He will work, but who will let Him?

Here's a the Bible, what did people do to: A) Tell God thank you B) tell God I believe in your promise

I need to dig around on that..but I was just curious if you had an opinion. I really do feel like God promised me some things last weekend and I want to do something to show him "Thank you and I believe You."

Gotta get busy.............have a great day!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

still sleeping.

Yesterday I was supposed to take meds every 4 hours. And I did. And I slept.

Today I am supposed to have them every 6-8 hours. And I will. And I will sleep.
Today is my son's actual birthday even though we celebrated it last week. He and dd will get to "camp" in the living room again, staying up as late as they want and I said I would rent him a movie. Somehow I need to drive the 8 miles to the video store. I'm kind of scared to, as loopy as I still feel. I know I need to have someone else drive, but I hate asking anyone, especially because at the moment I am BROKE and couldn't even buy their gas. So, we will see how that all goes.

Tomorrow, I can quit taking meds if I feel like it. We will see.

I obviously don't take meds much--my body is very sensitive to it---I'm so out of it. But feeling fine :D LOL Just snoozing.

Thanks for reading.............I will return.........after I wake up....eventually LOL

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

goodbye wisdom tooth

In 7 minutes I have to wake the kids and within 27 minutes I need to be out the door to say goodbye to my wisdom tooth. I AM NERVOUS. I am trying to concentrate on the fact that I get to come back home to an empty house and spend the day in bed without guilt. I'm trying to NOT focus on the actual pulling. Remember me today!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm on Jack's blog today! :)

I made the cut! You can see my pic, along with a lot of other's at JackSh*t's blog:

Just checking in

I'm up and at 'em early this morning, just expecting this to be a great day. Yesterday was the first day of summer break. I slept late and enjoyed it.

I stayed within calorie range and did 18 minutes of exercise on the wii.

It feels good to feel good.

I hope you all have a great day!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Do YOU have church like this?

That's a V for VICTORY! Wow what an awesome revival we had this weekend. I danced at church (say, what? did you just say DANCED at CHURCH? do those two words go together?)....oh yes......I danced at church........I got the had been a long time since I let it all go like that(probably at least 5 years). And I laughed. And I danced. And I made this loud noise..........not exactly a yell, more like a very long "whoo hoo" LOL. Anyway, I came unglued and a few others did and the rest just watched :) It was awesome. I believe this is going to be MY year. I believe GREAT things are going to happen THIS year. I believe this is my year of Jubuilee. :) :) :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

There is great pleasure in accomplishing what others think you won't accomplish. :)

I'm writing this post on Friday at 10:43 p.m. but I plan to save it and post it tomorrow with a pic. (because posts without pics are just plain boring)

I'm eating and enjoying cake and ice cream....without guilt. I told myself that I would have 2 servings of cake and ice cream today and I did. I allowed it. No guilt.

I'm feeling inspired.

I'm ready to get it going on. I'm going to walk tomorrow. Turn up the music on my mp3 player and walk and enjoy it. I'm considering doing a 100 mile challenge. Our award period for TOPS is April, May, June and we will get awards for walking over X amount of miles during that time. Wouldn't it be awesome for them to announce my name and that I walked 100 miles? I *can* do it.

I saw my favorite cd at walmart tonight for just $7!!! But, I really am broke, so I didn't buy it. However, there are 10 days until payday, and I'm thinking of telling myself "if you can go all 10 days without going over your calorie limit or changing your meal plans, then you can buy it on payday WITHOUT GUILT because you will have earned it"

My hubby....... (I'm shaking my head in disbelief at this) hubby is losing a lot of weight. About 6 weeks ago, he weighed 239. Tonight he weighed 217. He has really challenged HIMSELF and is really getting healthy.

Personally, I think he enjoys beating ME :) His lunch now consists of tuna, cheese, strawberries, grapes, and an orange. He doesn't eat breakfast. He eats a salad after he gets home from work and then later in the evening he eats a small serving of whatever I cook.

And dude is CONSTANTLY on the wii fit or the wii biggest loser game. When I went to bed last night, he was jogging on the wii and when I woke up (briefly) around 6 a.m., he was jogging again.

He has already gone down one size in his jeans.

Well...............I'm not going to tell him.........but.... I'm about to give him a run for his money!!!!!!!!! There is great pleasure in accomplishing what others think you won't accomplish.

Here I go!!!!!!!!!! (come on....let's do it!)

Have a healthy weekend!!!!

:) Amy aka that TOPS lady

P.S. For some reason, blogger (or my computer) isn't letting my comment right now. And I wanted to comment to the lady at "The rest of the journey" that I hope she has a very refreshing weekend and that God helps her heal. So, maybe she will read this and know I am thinking about her.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

We are celebrating my son's birthday today even though he isn't actually 11 until Thursday.
I will run him all over town to spend his birthday money. (in a van with no air) He will want to go to the museum. We will go to my parent's to get his gift from them.
We will run, run, run, stay busy, busy, busy, then after his dad gets home he will unwrap his gifts (I hope fed ex delivers them today, or he is gonna get them LATE!), eat cake and go to prayer meeting.
It is also the last day of school (they only lack 2 tests, so maybe 25 mins of work) and I told dd we would eat watermelon on the last day.
The day will end with the kids "camping out" in the living room and watching movies until who knows when....because....that's how we roll on special occasions :)

Anyway..........................I hope the day is a lot more relaxed than it sounds and I hope to make healthy choices in the midst of it.

Yesterday I didn't eat too wisely. It all started with my mom giving us a box of twinkies when we were busy running errands at town. I should have packed healthy snacks.

I've already made a plan about the cake. Cut it in 12 slices. Give 2 to my parents, leaves 10. 3 for the kids (to be eaten of the course of a couple of days hopefully!) 2 each for hubby and I. And ice cream. I know I'm gonna eat both pieces of cake and 2 servings of ice cream. Because I know me. (hey...YOU know me too...and YOU know I'm gonna eat that!) So, I may as well plan for it. Which means super healthy and low cal for the meals. Wish me luck! (pray)

I think God has a sense of humor.

So yesterday I posted about time management, and about 5 minutes after my post, my computer CRASHED (it had already been having issues). Blank c:// screen. Windows wouldn't even pull up. more computer time yesterday! I thought wow...God must have read that post and said 'no computer=time management problem solved'. :) hehehe LOL

Hubby did a complete system restore last night and here I am again :)

My dd (age 8) just asked me: "Is spongebob about my height? He's pretty short for a man. Poor spongebob...he doesn't even have a wife...his pet is a snail....he lives in a pineapple and he has a squirrel (sandy) for a friend. How sad." When you look at it that way, we've got a pretty good life! Better than spongebob!

Did I mention that I have a toothache? (oh wow..aren't you tired of hearing about that?)

I got a lot of good comments on yesterday's post. K, I know it was you who posted about my phone not being charged but it is on the charger now! (hey K, I'm having my yard sale June 4 & 5....wanna have one with me? I will be selling nachos again of course. I'd help you with your sale Saturday but that is when we are celebrating Joe's bday. Let me know if you have it on Friday too...maybe mom can watch the kids and I can help you) :) And to the poster who said maybe I'm not LETTING people be my friend, you are probably right.

ah..........busy, busy.

Thanks for reading~!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well, *that* makes no sense.

Last night, TOPS showed a half pound LOSS. Say what? Hum...spend 6 days out of 7 eating whatever you want and not even caring and then lose half a pound. Weird. And so, I take no credit for last night's loss. I weighed 308.25

I woke up this morning feeling so not rested and like I wanted to eat and go back to bed. BUT I have so much to do today! And I *hate* feeling rushed and behind. I want to be caught up on everything so that I can slow down, sit and watch my children, play with them, etc. Time management is STILL needing work in my life!

I hope you all have a great day. It is so nice to have you all as online friends. :)

P.S. Two pregnancy tests both came back negative.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

random miscellaneous post

"Hello. My name is Amy. I have a toothache."

What a broken record! Crazy toothache! Go away! I hate you! I'm tired of blogging about you!
A few feet from where I am typing, lies my precious dear daughter. (see pic) She got scared during the night and came to the floor by my side of the bed. Kids are so cute when they are sleeping. :)
Do you read JackSh*t's blog? He is so funny. (No, I don't agree with many of the words he uses on his case you are wondering. But he is still funny.)

Anyway, on yesterday's post, he asked us to email him a pic with the ONE reason we want to lose weight. The above pic is what I emailed him.

Yes, I deserve to look awesome! (You didn't know that? where have you been? LOL)
See, I AM awesome and when I look at the flab in the mirror I think "WHO is that flabby woman? That image is not WHO I AM"
Thank YOU for the comments you left me on my last post. IT MEANT THE WORLD to me, thank you vey much!
Tonight is TOPS. *inhale greatly* *exhale*
Who knows how THAT will go, after the crazy week I had. OH Well. It is what it is.
I'm going to buy a pregnancy test while I am at town today. I'm probably not. But I'd like to know for sure.
Did I mention I have a toothache? eerrr

Sunday, May 16, 2010

fight. fight. fight. overcome.

Trying to break free..............

The family has gone to church. I stayed home with ol' broken tooth..or at least maybe that is why. I think that's an excuse too. Really, I just wanted some alone time.

And now I am here with "The lost get found" by Britt Nicole blaring. I am trying to break through. I feel like a bouncy ball. Yesterday I hit the floor. Today I am on my journey back up. Although it is low, it is higher than yesterday.

Figuratively, I have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. One is telling me to exercise and plan healthy meals for the coming week. The other is telling me to cook a grilled cheese and toast and jelly and eat and goof off on the internet. I KNOW which one will make me feel better.

"So when you get the chance........are you gonna take it?"

I wish I weren't so alone. I'm not, but I am. I don't have a *close* friend. I've had one close friend in all of my adult life, and since we moved in '07, she now lives 800 miles away. I still consider her to be my best friend, but it is hard when we are so far apart. We are both busy. We don't talk often.

Please........please comment me. You just don't know how much it helps to know I am read.

I've been searching the blog world for a kindred spirit. There's a lot of great people out there, but I haven't yet found one to be MY weight loss buddy. Maybe I don't need one. Maybe I need to be my own friend and quit treating myself badly (really, friends don't do that). Plus, I have a friend that "sticketh closer than a brother"......maybe I need to stick a little closer to Him.

Hello, my friend. Let's get up and exercise, get these meals planned, set ourselves up for a successful week.

Something else----I'm sitting here in an ugly granny dress. That does not promote a positive mental attitude. I need to dress up this week. I need to do my hair, feel pretty. Go, Amy, Go, go go go go go gogogogogogogoo go! You can do it.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm talking to me :(

Hubby has been doing excellent with his diet/exercise. He is now an exercise-aholic. He has lost 21 pounds in just over a month.

Tonight at supper, he pretty much put the spotlight on the truth. I had said "I will get back on track after I finish taking this crazy medicine. After a week from Wednesday, when I have this tooth pulled, then I will get back on track."

And then, he just came out and said it: "You know, you've done this several times before. You diet, you do well, then you just quit and gain it all back. You are using the tooth as an excuse, but really, all you are doing is quitting."

Ouch. what to say to that?

simply "You're right"


Tonight while driving down the road with the kids, this song came on the radio (please can open in a new window and listen while you read)
Somehow, this song which has nothing to do with my health, had EVERYTHING to do with my health. It was all I could do to keep from bawling right there. But then what would I say to the kids? "Mom's crying because she quit again and gave up on herself and she had really thought she was gonna get to her goal weight." No, I don't think so. So, I didn't cry.

But now that it is playing again and I am alone in my dark bedroom, I am crying. Amy, don't let your light burn out, don't let the fire burn out. There's a girl in the street who's crying. (its me) :(

P.S. I am late. (barely) I wonder if I am pregnant. (probably not)

P.S. again. I am the most emotional, roller-coastery, hormonal person I believe I have ever met. This blog is an excellent place to let it all out and I am 100% honest here. I feel safe doing that because I am "pretty much" anonomous. So, you all know what is going on with me in the inside. I do a pretty good job of hiding it from the rest of the world.

no one is home.

I'm sorry, I'm not here. That's what I feel like. I am not dealing with things. Not with food, not with exercise. I feel like I have checked out and on my door there is a note that says "I will return after I have this tooth pulled, a week from Wednesday".

Friday, May 14, 2010


Well, what's to say that hasn't already been said?

I'm still on crazy meds.

I'm still eating too much.

I'm still struggling.

I still haven't given up hope.

Until something changes..........Until I MAKE something change........ditto.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

too much

Ok, but mine wasn't coffee, it was FOOD.

Yesterday I went WAAAAY over my calorie limit. Because of the antibiotic, there are only THREE ONE HOUR periods per day in which I can eat. And what do I do during those periods? I eat. I wrote it all down and then this morning I figured it all up and I was like WOW. Anyway.......being honest.

I did 30 minutes on the wii fit and had about 40 oz of water.

THANK YOU for all the wonderfully sweet comments yesterday! I feel so loved! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I told you so!

I can just hear the voices of everyone who has ever left a negative comment on my blog. Today they can say "I told you so!"

I gained 2 something this week. At TOPS I weighed in at 308 point something.

I have a terrible case of the blahs. I had enough going on yesterday to blah me out and the blahs are hard to shake.

my tooth (I have pain meds but they make me sleep so I am only taking them at night. The pain isn't severe. It is just dull and nagging and enough to make me grouchy)

doing paperwork to have my daughter tested for learning disabilities and obsessive compulsive disorder. I was the only who got the ball rolling on this one, so I shouldn't be getting the blahs from it...but....I think I have been in denial until now.

the antibiotic I am on requires that I do NO snacking and that I eat my 3 meals at certain times.

blah blah blah

I know this is a very "blah" post LOL but I felt like not posting at all would be even worse. Thanks for reading!

P.S. I'm not giving up.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


There are always going to be challenges. If you only make healthy choices when it is easy, then you aren't going to accomplish much. I know this. I have to learn to make healthy choices even when there is chaos. Even when it's hectic and hard. Even when ________. Ya know? I KNOW THIS. Why I do not DO this is beyond me.

The chaos of Saturday and Sunday was dental pain. Continuous. And yet, I pulled myself together enough to teach Sunday School. Forced myself to do that. Because I felt that it was very important. But what about ME?????? Aren't *I* extremly important? My health? Why couldn't I pull myself together enough to eat healthy and exercise? hum.......

Anyway, I didn't. I just ate whatever. Didn't journal anything. Didn't exercise. Just floated by. Took pain meds. And slept.

So I wonder how that will effect the scales.

By Monday I pulled my act together a bit. (thankfully) I also borrowed the money to go to the dentist (don't tell Dave Ramsey on me). He gave me antibiotic and happy pills :) Which brings me to today's (Tuesday) challenge. Scheduling food intake when I have to take this medicine FOUR times per day and can't have anything in the 4 hours surrounding it. So I sat down and figured it and I can squeeze in 3 meals but NO snacks, which is completely different from my "eat every 2 hours" mentality. But I've planned it and I'll stick to it and will endure this challenge with flying colors. It's just for a week. I can do it.

Monday, May 10th

8:45 a.m....610 cals
.75 cup bran flakes
half cup granola
half a banana
12 almonds
1 cup 1% milk

12:30 a.m....1,450 cals (yikes)
footlong ham sub from subway
baked chips
1 cookie
2 candy bars
(so not wise and WAAAAY too much food)

4:00 p.m.....280 cals
2 fiber one bars

7:45 p.m....810 cals
3 crunchy tacos
sugar free pudding cup

cals: 3,150 (barely in range)
exercise -0-
water= approx 40 oz

Saturday, May 8, 2010


8:45 p.m....450 cals
turkey and cheese sandwich

10:45...270 cals
pb crackers and oreos

12:45....550 cals
lasagna, corn, toast

2:45 p.m....610 cals
tuna, relish, mayo, bread, chips, smoothie

4:45 p.m....250 cals
peanuts, cheese

6:45 p.m... subway, chips, m&m's, popcorn

cals= 3166 (barely in range)
water= 40 oz.
ex- -0-

And today is saturday and i did NOT plan my meals today and I have NOT bought groceries and I am kind of grazing and not journalling (NOT good). I plan to buy healthy, do some planning later tonight for this week and be back to journaling by tomorrow. What I'm doing today is dangerous.)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Somebody's watching me.

Wow.......I just wrote a huge post here and it got erased! eerrrrr

The point was, yesterday I was thinking about what my kids see me do (such as eating ice cream at 11 p.m.) and what am I teaching them by the life I live?

So, I put my ice cream away and only ate half of it.

I'm NOT going to rewrite everything that just got erased......

But in summary, I stayed in cal range, consumed around 60 oz of water and exercised 30 minutes.

And..........I'm out of bananas.

Today I hope to plan my meals for the next couple of weeks and make a grocery list.

Have a great day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Going down....................

I always weigh in the mornings before getting dressed. My scales are NOT reliable. I usually weigh 3 times and average it. This morning it was lower than yesterday. ALL. THREE. TIMES. That's very good! yay! Keep it up, Amy...have a healthy day!


6:45 a.m.....360 cals
8 oz. orange juice
2 kelloggs fiber plus bars

8:50 a.m.....150 cals
stick cheese
2 slices turkey

11:00 a.m.....390 cals
.75 cup bran flakes
.25 cup granola
1 cup 2% milk
half a banana

1:00 p.m...560 cals
lean pocket
half a strawberry smoothie

3:00 p.m...390 cals
repeat cereal

5:00 p.m...250 cals
2 kellogg's fiber plus bars

9:00....1,060 cals
french bread pizza
2/3 cup corn
small salad
2 kellogg fiber plus bars

cals= 3160 (in range, barely)
water=53 oz
ex= 30 minute on wii fit

Wow...I ate a lot of fiber plus bars today. Why? Because they have chocolate in them, thus feeling like a treat, yet they are not that bad for you. They are only 125 cals and have a 35% RDA of fiber. So, looks like I'm getting plenty of fiber! Maybe I should cut back on them. Or maybe not. I KNOW I am probably going a little overboard with them, but if they are keeping me from eating something else sweet (think snickers) maybe I should use them as my crutch for a while longer. Yes, I think that's best.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I weighed 306.5 @ TOPS last night, for a loss of 1.5 pounds for the week.

Our meeting discussed the importance of exercise and we are to track our minutes exercised for the month of May and report them at the first meeting of June.


10 a.m...700 cals
egg & cheese sandwich
12 almonds
8 oz orange juice

12:15 p.m.....260 cals
8 oz apple juice
kashi almond bar

2:15 p.m.....760 cals
1.5 cups bran flakes
half cup granola
12 almonds
1.5 cups 2% milk
half a banana

4:15 p.m....250 cals
2 kellogg's fiber plus bars

8:00.....150 cals
vanilla cone from McD's

9:45 p.m....548 cals
6" turkey sub
baked bbq chips

cals=2,668 (in range)
water=52 oz
ex=15 minutes wii

Tuesday was BUSY. Housework (which didn't get finished), school work, errands, TOPS, more errands, then getting home to eat supper @ 9:30. Crazy busy!

I usually get up with hubby and pray with him before he goes to work (5:30 a.m. ug!) but he hasn't woke me up for the past few days. I asked him about it and he said I was snoring like crazy and he figured I needed the sleep. zzz I may have sleep apnea. I am so tired most of the time. That's one more thing I am looking forward to with weight loss----getting better rest (sleep apnea often improves or disappears with weight loss).

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Recap of Monday

Sometime during the early morning (middle of the night) hours I ate a fiber one bar and checked messages online. :) 140 cals

9:10 a.m....540 cals
3/4 cup bran flakes
1/4 cup granola
1 c. 2% milk (the store was out of 1%)
18 almonds
half a BANANA ;)

11:15 .m....280 cals
2 fiber one bars

1:30 p.m...540 cals
repeat of breakfast

2:10 p.m..150 cals
small vanilla ice cream cone...yum

3:45 p.m....325 cals
small salad

6:45 p.m....350 cals (It is time for supper, but I have to be somewhere at 7, so I guess supper will have to wait)
8 oz orange juice
kashi bar
stick cheese

9:15 p.m....667 cals
baked chicken breast
bbq sauce
half a cup of noodles
half cup peas
2/3 cup corn
baked potato with small amount of margarine

10:15...140 cals
fiber one bar

cals=3,132 (within range, but barely!)
water= 71 oz
ex= 15 minute strength training on wii and walked 1 mile at the trail (24 minutes)

And this evening is TOPS and I am looking forward to weigh-in!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Anonomous Curious Commenter

Dear Anonomous Curious Commenter,
Please read my comment back to you under the comment section of my previous post.

Have a nice life,
Amy, the banana eating, 2011 TOPS Oklahoma Queen

SRD report and feeling good

I am feeling good. I am *still* coughing but either it has improved (I'm pretty sure it has) or I have gotten used to it. I think most of my "feeling good" is being spawned by a mental/emotional feel good because of being so encouraged at SRD (State Recognition Days for TOPS). Hey, if being mentally pumped can make me feel phsically better, that works for me!

I was going to post about how much lighter I was at this year's SRD than last year's. I got out my weight book and was saddened to find that at SRD last year I was actually 3.75 pounds lighter at LAST YEAR's SRD. eeerrrrr. That is frustrating. Here's the post from last year's SRD:

However, last year's SRD was held at the very END of May, and May had been a very good month for me. Last May I lost 14.25 pounds during that month alone! So, technically, as of what I weigh RIGHT NOW compared to what I weighed on this date one year ago, I am 7.5 pounds lighter NOW. However, I will have to have another awesome May THIS YEAR in order to say that for long! Let's do it. Let's have an awesome May!!!! Wow...If I lost 14 pounds this May, I would start June at 294. I'd be happy with that.

I am excited about tomorrow's weigh in. SRD got me pumped. I have been exercising and staying in calorie limits since then. I walked on the treadmill for one hour Saturday morning before the SRD festivities began. I need to walk EVERY day. I need to do those wii exercises too.

Oh...........speaking of wii exercises, my hubby is exercising like crazy and lost 16 pounds in about 4 weeks. *ppffttt* *Sticks tongue out at hubby* No, actually I am proud of him. And it helps me too because he is trying to eat healthy and isn't asking for the fried foods as much.

This year's king said he joined TOPS because his wife had joined and after a few weeks he asked "How are you doing? Are you losing any?" to which she said that she wasn't losing but that she didn't feel weird about it because NO ONE in her chapter was losing. He thought "How ridiculous to have a weight loss group that isn't losing weight". He went and was like "Ladies, if you would consisitently put forth more effort and quit making excuses, you COULD lose the weight, and I'm going to join and prove to you that it can be done." So, he joined and lost 30 something pounds in 13 weeks and kept it off! That reminded me of my hubby, who although he hasn't joined TOPS, is losing weight and would be excelling more than I if I weren't getting my rear in gear!

On to the SRD pictures.........the one of just me is, well, just me LOL.

The pic of me and the queen turned out yucky so I'm not posting it. The queen had lost 80 something pounds. It took her a Loooooooooooooong time. 30 years. Yikes. That wasn't very inspiring. But at least she didn't give up, I guess. Or apparently she DID give up several times, but always got back up and tried again. Anyway......

And the skinny lady in the blue dress is Cynthia Mack. She reached her goal weight 13 years ago and is now an area captain in Canada and a retreat director. She is a highly motivating speaker and I sure enjoyed all she had to say!

Ok.........I need to get off of here and get busy. Thanks for reading... Thanks for missing me when I wasn't posting.... Thanks for joining me on the journey to my goal weight.

:) that TOPS lady, Amy