Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I told you so!

I can just hear the voices of everyone who has ever left a negative comment on my blog. Today they can say "I told you so!"

I gained 2 something this week. At TOPS I weighed in at 308 point something.

I have a terrible case of the blahs. I had enough going on yesterday to blah me out and the blahs are hard to shake.

my tooth (I have pain meds but they make me sleep so I am only taking them at night. The pain isn't severe. It is just dull and nagging and enough to make me grouchy)

doing paperwork to have my daughter tested for learning disabilities and obsessive compulsive disorder. I was the only who got the ball rolling on this one, so I shouldn't be getting the blahs from it...but....I think I have been in denial until now.

the antibiotic I am on requires that I do NO snacking and that I eat my 3 meals at certain times.

blah blah blah

I know this is a very "blah" post LOL but I felt like not posting at all would be even worse. Thanks for reading!

P.S. I'm not giving up.


  1. We want you to succeed.
    That's all.

    DOn't give up...

    Sorry for the tooth pain.

  2. We all get in a funk now and then! Totally normal. Hopefully the week gets better for you.

  3. I told you so! (NOT REALLY!)

    You must do what is right for you, for your own sensibilities and needs. Kudos for seeing that your child's needs will be met too. You sound like a good mom.

    Sorry to hear about the nagging tooth. Ug. That can be nerve wracking after awhile, literally and figuratively! Take care.

  4. Glad to hear you're not giving up Amy. Hang in there things will get better. Hope this week is a good one.

  5. Never give up!!! That's it! Don't let the negative people get you down!!

    Keep doing what you know works!!

    My best

  6. The most powerful think you wrote today was:
    "P.S. I'm not giving up."

    We all have these days... but the one thing that decides who bombs out and who continues on to success is: those that give up, and those that continue.

    You will make, cuz you won't give up. :-)