Thursday, May 20, 2010

We are celebrating my son's birthday today even though he isn't actually 11 until Thursday.
I will run him all over town to spend his birthday money. (in a van with no air) He will want to go to the museum. We will go to my parent's to get his gift from them.
We will run, run, run, stay busy, busy, busy, then after his dad gets home he will unwrap his gifts (I hope fed ex delivers them today, or he is gonna get them LATE!), eat cake and go to prayer meeting.
It is also the last day of school (they only lack 2 tests, so maybe 25 mins of work) and I told dd we would eat watermelon on the last day.
The day will end with the kids "camping out" in the living room and watching movies until who knows when....because....that's how we roll on special occasions :)

Anyway..........................I hope the day is a lot more relaxed than it sounds and I hope to make healthy choices in the midst of it.

Yesterday I didn't eat too wisely. It all started with my mom giving us a box of twinkies when we were busy running errands at town. I should have packed healthy snacks.

I've already made a plan about the cake. Cut it in 12 slices. Give 2 to my parents, leaves 10. 3 for the kids (to be eaten of the course of a couple of days hopefully!) 2 each for hubby and I. And ice cream. I know I'm gonna eat both pieces of cake and 2 servings of ice cream. Because I know me. (hey...YOU know me too...and YOU know I'm gonna eat that!) So, I may as well plan for it. Which means super healthy and low cal for the meals. Wish me luck! (pray)


  1. I thought about you when I got my tooth pulled yesterday!

    Hoping you make good choices today and I say throw those Twinkies away or give them to someone. DO NOT EAT THEM!!!

  2. Have fun with the son's Birthday. I think planning is key.

  3. I say just have a fun filled weekend and enjoy the family :)

  4. Happy Birthday to your son! I say plan what your going to do and STICK to it :)