Sunday, May 23, 2010

Do YOU have church like this?

That's a V for VICTORY! Wow what an awesome revival we had this weekend. I danced at church (say, what? did you just say DANCED at CHURCH? do those two words go together?)....oh yes......I danced at church........I got the had been a long time since I let it all go like that(probably at least 5 years). And I laughed. And I danced. And I made this loud noise..........not exactly a yell, more like a very long "whoo hoo" LOL. Anyway, I came unglued and a few others did and the rest just watched :) It was awesome. I believe this is going to be MY year. I believe GREAT things are going to happen THIS year. I believe this is my year of Jubuilee. :) :) :)

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