Friday, May 21, 2010

There is great pleasure in accomplishing what others think you won't accomplish. :)

I'm writing this post on Friday at 10:43 p.m. but I plan to save it and post it tomorrow with a pic. (because posts without pics are just plain boring)

I'm eating and enjoying cake and ice cream....without guilt. I told myself that I would have 2 servings of cake and ice cream today and I did. I allowed it. No guilt.

I'm feeling inspired.

I'm ready to get it going on. I'm going to walk tomorrow. Turn up the music on my mp3 player and walk and enjoy it. I'm considering doing a 100 mile challenge. Our award period for TOPS is April, May, June and we will get awards for walking over X amount of miles during that time. Wouldn't it be awesome for them to announce my name and that I walked 100 miles? I *can* do it.

I saw my favorite cd at walmart tonight for just $7!!! But, I really am broke, so I didn't buy it. However, there are 10 days until payday, and I'm thinking of telling myself "if you can go all 10 days without going over your calorie limit or changing your meal plans, then you can buy it on payday WITHOUT GUILT because you will have earned it"

My hubby....... (I'm shaking my head in disbelief at this) hubby is losing a lot of weight. About 6 weeks ago, he weighed 239. Tonight he weighed 217. He has really challenged HIMSELF and is really getting healthy.

Personally, I think he enjoys beating ME :) His lunch now consists of tuna, cheese, strawberries, grapes, and an orange. He doesn't eat breakfast. He eats a salad after he gets home from work and then later in the evening he eats a small serving of whatever I cook.

And dude is CONSTANTLY on the wii fit or the wii biggest loser game. When I went to bed last night, he was jogging on the wii and when I woke up (briefly) around 6 a.m., he was jogging again.

He has already gone down one size in his jeans.

Well...............I'm not going to tell him.........but.... I'm about to give him a run for his money!!!!!!!!! There is great pleasure in accomplishing what others think you won't accomplish.

Here I go!!!!!!!!!! (come on....let's do it!)

Have a healthy weekend!!!!

:) Amy aka that TOPS lady

P.S. For some reason, blogger (or my computer) isn't letting my comment right now. And I wanted to comment to the lady at "The rest of the journey" that I hope she has a very refreshing weekend and that God helps her heal. So, maybe she will read this and know I am thinking about her.

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  1. I love the attitude - you WILL do this and I can't wait to hear about the award ceremony!

    That is great about the hubby too, but yes - definitely give him a run for his money - my hubs and I did the same thing for the first year and I am about to leave him at the gate again! ; )

    I also wanted to thank you for the means a lot of know I'm being thought of out there....the weekend is good so's praying the rest of it will be just as therapeutic for us.