Saturday, May 8, 2010


8:45 p.m....450 cals
turkey and cheese sandwich

10:45...270 cals
pb crackers and oreos

12:45....550 cals
lasagna, corn, toast

2:45 p.m....610 cals
tuna, relish, mayo, bread, chips, smoothie

4:45 p.m....250 cals
peanuts, cheese

6:45 p.m... subway, chips, m&m's, popcorn

cals= 3166 (barely in range)
water= 40 oz.
ex- -0-

And today is saturday and i did NOT plan my meals today and I have NOT bought groceries and I am kind of grazing and not journalling (NOT good). I plan to buy healthy, do some planning later tonight for this week and be back to journaling by tomorrow. What I'm doing today is dangerous.)

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