Tuesday, May 11, 2010


There are always going to be challenges. If you only make healthy choices when it is easy, then you aren't going to accomplish much. I know this. I have to learn to make healthy choices even when there is chaos. Even when it's hectic and hard. Even when ________. Ya know? I KNOW THIS. Why I do not DO this is beyond me.

The chaos of Saturday and Sunday was dental pain. Continuous. And yet, I pulled myself together enough to teach Sunday School. Forced myself to do that. Because I felt that it was very important. But what about ME?????? Aren't *I* extremly important? My health? Why couldn't I pull myself together enough to eat healthy and exercise? hum.......

Anyway, I didn't. I just ate whatever. Didn't journal anything. Didn't exercise. Just floated by. Took pain meds. And slept.

So I wonder how that will effect the scales.

By Monday I pulled my act together a bit. (thankfully) I also borrowed the money to go to the dentist (don't tell Dave Ramsey on me). He gave me antibiotic and happy pills :) Which brings me to today's (Tuesday) challenge. Scheduling food intake when I have to take this medicine FOUR times per day and can't have anything in the 4 hours surrounding it. So I sat down and figured it and I can squeeze in 3 meals but NO snacks, which is completely different from my "eat every 2 hours" mentality. But I've planned it and I'll stick to it and will endure this challenge with flying colors. It's just for a week. I can do it.

Monday, May 10th

8:45 a.m....610 cals
.75 cup bran flakes
half cup granola
half a banana
12 almonds
1 cup 1% milk

12:30 a.m....1,450 cals (yikes)
footlong ham sub from subway
baked chips
1 cookie
2 candy bars
(so not wise and WAAAAY too much food)

4:00 p.m.....280 cals
2 fiber one bars

7:45 p.m....810 cals
3 crunchy tacos
sugar free pudding cup

cals: 3,150 (barely in range)
exercise -0-
water= approx 40 oz

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  1. Oh my.. my heart goes out to you. Dental pain is the worst. It's right there, in your head, and you can't "get away" from it.

    I inherited lousy "teeth genes", so have had lot's of dental stuff over the years. So, you really have my empathy!

    And I know what you mean... we allow some things to be excuses, yet not others. And we take care of OTHERS, yet let care for ourselves slip... especially when we don't feel well.

    I hope you are feeling better, and the pain is being managed. This is a toughie. I love that you are looking at it with an open heart to learning from it, though. That is admirable.