Thursday, May 27, 2010

still sleeping.

Yesterday I was supposed to take meds every 4 hours. And I did. And I slept.

Today I am supposed to have them every 6-8 hours. And I will. And I will sleep.
Today is my son's actual birthday even though we celebrated it last week. He and dd will get to "camp" in the living room again, staying up as late as they want and I said I would rent him a movie. Somehow I need to drive the 8 miles to the video store. I'm kind of scared to, as loopy as I still feel. I know I need to have someone else drive, but I hate asking anyone, especially because at the moment I am BROKE and couldn't even buy their gas. So, we will see how that all goes.

Tomorrow, I can quit taking meds if I feel like it. We will see.

I obviously don't take meds much--my body is very sensitive to it---I'm so out of it. But feeling fine :D LOL Just snoozing.

Thanks for reading.............I will return.........after I wake up....eventually LOL


  1. In an absolute pinch, Hulu might be an option for you. They have several movies , TV episodes and so forth for free and legal- check them out at It's not perfect, but it can keep you from driving !

  2. Please let someone else drive!! If you feel a little loopy you might be really loopy.
    Maybe convince the son to wait a day??
    Stay safe :)

  3. Hope you're all better by tomorrow. Could hubby pick up the movie?

  4. Son caught a ride with my dad. Weird, I'm taking less meds today than yesterday but I feel even more loopy. I'm going back to bed. zzzz. thanks for reading

  5. Rest well...I am glad to hear you are on the mend! Looking forward to hearing from you when you are awake from hibernation! ; )