Monday, May 3, 2010

SRD report and feeling good

I am feeling good. I am *still* coughing but either it has improved (I'm pretty sure it has) or I have gotten used to it. I think most of my "feeling good" is being spawned by a mental/emotional feel good because of being so encouraged at SRD (State Recognition Days for TOPS). Hey, if being mentally pumped can make me feel phsically better, that works for me!

I was going to post about how much lighter I was at this year's SRD than last year's. I got out my weight book and was saddened to find that at SRD last year I was actually 3.75 pounds lighter at LAST YEAR's SRD. eeerrrrr. That is frustrating. Here's the post from last year's SRD:

However, last year's SRD was held at the very END of May, and May had been a very good month for me. Last May I lost 14.25 pounds during that month alone! So, technically, as of what I weigh RIGHT NOW compared to what I weighed on this date one year ago, I am 7.5 pounds lighter NOW. However, I will have to have another awesome May THIS YEAR in order to say that for long! Let's do it. Let's have an awesome May!!!! Wow...If I lost 14 pounds this May, I would start June at 294. I'd be happy with that.

I am excited about tomorrow's weigh in. SRD got me pumped. I have been exercising and staying in calorie limits since then. I walked on the treadmill for one hour Saturday morning before the SRD festivities began. I need to walk EVERY day. I need to do those wii exercises too.

Oh...........speaking of wii exercises, my hubby is exercising like crazy and lost 16 pounds in about 4 weeks. *ppffttt* *Sticks tongue out at hubby* No, actually I am proud of him. And it helps me too because he is trying to eat healthy and isn't asking for the fried foods as much.

This year's king said he joined TOPS because his wife had joined and after a few weeks he asked "How are you doing? Are you losing any?" to which she said that she wasn't losing but that she didn't feel weird about it because NO ONE in her chapter was losing. He thought "How ridiculous to have a weight loss group that isn't losing weight". He went and was like "Ladies, if you would consisitently put forth more effort and quit making excuses, you COULD lose the weight, and I'm going to join and prove to you that it can be done." So, he joined and lost 30 something pounds in 13 weeks and kept it off! That reminded me of my hubby, who although he hasn't joined TOPS, is losing weight and would be excelling more than I if I weren't getting my rear in gear!

On to the SRD pictures.........the one of just me is, well, just me LOL.

The pic of me and the queen turned out yucky so I'm not posting it. The queen had lost 80 something pounds. It took her a Loooooooooooooong time. 30 years. Yikes. That wasn't very inspiring. But at least she didn't give up, I guess. Or apparently she DID give up several times, but always got back up and tried again. Anyway......

And the skinny lady in the blue dress is Cynthia Mack. She reached her goal weight 13 years ago and is now an area captain in Canada and a retreat director. She is a highly motivating speaker and I sure enjoyed all she had to say!

Ok.........I need to get off of here and get busy. Thanks for reading... Thanks for missing me when I wasn't posting.... Thanks for joining me on the journey to my goal weight.

:) that TOPS lady, Amy


  1. Hi, I've been following your blog for some time. Congratulations on your courage to share your trials and tribulations with your health and weight loss.

    In reading through your food lists, I can't help but ask a few questions. Knowing we all get busy, I suppose I can understand why your meals and snacks don't seem to follow a consistent schedule -- but why do you eat so late at night? Also, there are so many wonderful options available everywhere for fruits and vegetables. All you see to eat is bananas (as a fruit) and corn (as a vegetable). Do you have some tolerance issues? If you incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your diet and do away with the processed nonsene (kashi bars, skittles, etc.)it might help you to stay healthier as well as start accomplishing your weight loss goals.

    Your words sound so upbeat and positive, but your actions don't follow through.

    Just curious.
    Just Curious

  2. I'm smiling from ear to ear Amy. I know Cynthia pretty well, have gotten to hang out with her on several occasions, she really is great. She was at our SRD last year as a speaker. Glad you got to go and it inspired you and also made you feel better. That's great about your hubby wish mine would get more on the food band wagon, he does pretty good with walking but not wanting to give up the beer or extra portions lol. But he has been in TOPS a year with me now and I'm still hopeful one day he will have a crown too *smile*. We all can have a crown *hug*. One of these years I believe we will get to meet.

  3. Dear curious anonomous commenter,
    Your comment was just plain silly. Kashi? Kashi is healthy. And I'd hate to live my life knowing I couldn't have skittles. ooohhhh...big deal. You obviously haven't been reading this blog long or you would see how far I've come. I don't have to justify myself. I never claimed to be perfect. I am HONEST on my blog. Here, have a banana and shut up unless you have something nice to say.

  4. Hey Amy, I have been reading your blog for a while now, but just today became a follower because I had to comment. You, and only you, know what works best for you and you're right, you DO NOT have to justify yourself to anyone else. Keep on doing what you're doing and honestly sharing with those of us who are interested in what you say! "just curious" has no clue!!

  5. I'm so proud of you Tops lady!!!!!
    Really---I'm smiling so wonderfully big!!!

    You keep heading where your heading and doing what you're doing.

    Again---very happy for and proud of you!

    My best always

  6. I loved reading all of these. Thank you all so much. I feel adored. :)