Thursday, May 6, 2010

Going down....................

I always weigh in the mornings before getting dressed. My scales are NOT reliable. I usually weigh 3 times and average it. This morning it was lower than yesterday. ALL. THREE. TIMES. That's very good! yay! Keep it up, Amy...have a healthy day!


6:45 a.m.....360 cals
8 oz. orange juice
2 kelloggs fiber plus bars

8:50 a.m.....150 cals
stick cheese
2 slices turkey

11:00 a.m.....390 cals
.75 cup bran flakes
.25 cup granola
1 cup 2% milk
half a banana

1:00 p.m...560 cals
lean pocket
half a strawberry smoothie

3:00 p.m...390 cals
repeat cereal

5:00 p.m...250 cals
2 kellogg's fiber plus bars

9:00....1,060 cals
french bread pizza
2/3 cup corn
small salad
2 kellogg fiber plus bars

cals= 3160 (in range, barely)
water=53 oz
ex= 30 minute on wii fit

Wow...I ate a lot of fiber plus bars today. Why? Because they have chocolate in them, thus feeling like a treat, yet they are not that bad for you. They are only 125 cals and have a 35% RDA of fiber. So, looks like I'm getting plenty of fiber! Maybe I should cut back on them. Or maybe not. I KNOW I am probably going a little overboard with them, but if they are keeping me from eating something else sweet (think snickers) maybe I should use them as my crutch for a while longer. Yes, I think that's best.


  1. Can you replace one of those fiber 1 bars with some kind of fresh veggie, like slices of red bell pepper or baby carrots? Congrats on the drop in scale! That's the best!