Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bubble Belly

I am finally off all meds and awake! yay! Thanks for missing me!

Tuesday is payday. Until then, I am B-R-O-K-E. *sigh*

I started to use this as an excuse to eat whatever I want, with the mentality of "well, that's all there is, there's no healthy food in the house". (In all actuality, that's a lie. We have apples, soup and kashi bars--healthy foods that I can think of just off the top of my head)

And so, for breakfast I FRIED myself one and a half grilled cheeses and also had TWO pieces of FRIED buttery toast with jelly. Not wise and not healthy.

Then I took my shower and got dressed. My jean skirt barely fit. Perhaps because it just came out of the dryer (ya know how clothes stretch after you've worn them a few hours) or.........maybe because I ate whatever I wanted this week and made flimsy excuses to do so. I haven't weighed, so I don't know where I stand on that. is a picture of the bubble belly I saw when I put on the jean skirt. I HATE that! I will NOT have that! And so I decided to get out my journal, write down the junk I had for breakfast and continue my day with HEALTHY choices.

Thank you God for letting me see this bubble belly to remind me that I am to take better care of myself.

Btw, I am not down. As a matter of fact, I am UP! I still believe GOD is going to do GREAT things THIS year in MY life! I need to quit hindering Him! He will work, but who will let Him?

Here's a the Bible, what did people do to: A) Tell God thank you B) tell God I believe in your promise

I need to dig around on that..but I was just curious if you had an opinion. I really do feel like God promised me some things last weekend and I want to do something to show him "Thank you and I believe You."

Gotta get busy.............have a great day!


  1. Great question.

    I asked myself: What if God told me that He would save my life and fill it with health, purpose and joy. And He said all I had to do was believe Him, have a grateful heart, and demonstrate my trust by JUMPING OFF A CLIFF AND LETTING HIM CATCH ME.

    If I really believed, I could take that action... I could jump off the cliff, because there was no doubt that He would do as He promised, and catch me.

    Belief is always tied in with action.

    So much for my 2 cents worth. ;-)


  2. Great comment, Loretta. Thanks!

    I will post tomorrow about the cliff I'm jumping off of!