Sunday, May 30, 2010

40 days

Last weekend, during church, I was just overwhelmed with the feeling that God was speaking to me that THIS is my year of Jubilee....and that great things are going to happen THIS year....and I was going to overcome the things that have weighed me down. Including my weight. You may remember me telling about dancing at church because I was so overcome with joy! Well, things have been awesome since then. My anxiety issue is gone. I told the pastor's wife that I am willing to sing when she needs me to now. (I had previously quit because of the anxiety issue). I've been happy. I don't know the background of my readers, you may not understand what I am about to say. But I feel like I did when I recieved the Holy Ghost for the first time.

So, I want to DO something to tell God "Yes, I believe You will do what You impressed upon my heart." I had something in mind, but I didn't want to leap without looking. Then Loretta's comment confirmed what I was thinking about. I didn't feel right just taking the promise and doing nothing. I wanted an act to SHOW my belief and to say thank you.

There's something about 40 days that is special to God. I don't understand why but all throughout the Bible we read about things that happened 40 days at a time.

And I wanted to offer God something that means a lot to me, something of value to me. So....I offer sweets. Yep, for the next 40 days, I am fasting from things that have sugar as the first ingredient. (unless I accidently eat something that I don't realize has sugar as a first ingredient). I vowed. I will. Because I am thankful and because I KNOW that if I jump off this cliff, He will catch me. :)


  1. You are awesome! You can so do it. Way to listen.

  2. Keep listening to Him...He will never steer you wrong! I think what you are doing is totally awesome and you will be so much better for it!