Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Recap of Monday

Sometime during the early morning (middle of the night) hours I ate a fiber one bar and checked messages online. :) 140 cals

9:10 a.m....540 cals
3/4 cup bran flakes
1/4 cup granola
1 c. 2% milk (the store was out of 1%)
18 almonds
half a BANANA ;)

11:15 .m....280 cals
2 fiber one bars

1:30 p.m...540 cals
repeat of breakfast

2:10 p.m..150 cals
small vanilla ice cream cone...yum

3:45 p.m....325 cals
small salad

6:45 p.m....350 cals (It is time for supper, but I have to be somewhere at 7, so I guess supper will have to wait)
8 oz orange juice
kashi bar
stick cheese

9:15 p.m....667 cals
baked chicken breast
bbq sauce
half a cup of noodles
half cup peas
2/3 cup corn
baked potato with small amount of margarine

10:15...140 cals
fiber one bar

cals=3,132 (within range, but barely!)
water= 71 oz
ex= 15 minute strength training on wii and walked 1 mile at the trail (24 minutes)

And this evening is TOPS and I am looking forward to weigh-in!


  1. Good luck at TOPS tonight and I'm looking forward to weigh-in tomorrow. Here's to another good week for both of us.

  2. Poor thing you did not eat dinner until 9:15?