Monday, April 30, 2012

I jog in a skirt.

.....lest some man read that title and have an image in their head that isn't true, let me clarify. I jog in a skirt that is below my knees and I wear a pair of exercise capris or biker shorts underneath. that we got that cleared up..... :)

Why? Lots of reasons. I will name a few.

The number one reason, and this statement pretty much just tells it all in a It is just who I am.

I have worn skirts/dresses for 19 years. It started when I enrolled in a private school that required the girls to wear dresses/skirts. It started as a rule but now it is just who I am. I enjoy being a feminine girly girl. Plus, I look BAAAAAAAAAAAAD in pants. And even if I didn't, I would look like me.......and I like me. LOL

(thank you to those of you who commented and wanted to know if I am ok. I am. Just SUPER busy with finishing up the kids' schoolwork for the year and a million other things. I am BEYOND excited about going to TOPS State Recognition Days in Tulsa this weekend. Oh wow...don't get me started...I'm giddy!!!!!! We leave Thursday morning. I will take a lot of pics. Thanks for missing me!)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2 deaths in the family

Thanks for missing me. I will post again SOON! Things have been odd here.

My aunt, who was the only daughter of my grandparents and my dad's only sister, died suddenly at the age of 59, while out of state. It was VERY hard on my very elderly grandparents. There were a lot of delays in getting her body shipped here (did you know you must file a death certificate with EVERY state you fly over?) and so it was a full week before the funeral. That week was horrible.

Three days after the funeral, my uncle who has been dieing with cancer for a long time, passed away. His wife had already made all arrangements and his was so quick we almost didn't have time to sit down. He died on Tuesday. Wednesday was family visitation. Thursday was the funeral.

So yeah.........things have not been normal here. Thanks for missing me.

On top of all of that, my kids have achievement testing this week (we homeschool) and I'm busy with that. BUT I will try to post very soon! My next 2 posts are planned to be: #1 The skirt post and #2 A weight loss milestone :)