Monday, April 30, 2012

I jog in a skirt.

.....lest some man read that title and have an image in their head that isn't true, let me clarify. I jog in a skirt that is below my knees and I wear a pair of exercise capris or biker shorts underneath. that we got that cleared up..... :)

Why? Lots of reasons. I will name a few.

The number one reason, and this statement pretty much just tells it all in a It is just who I am.

I have worn skirts/dresses for 19 years. It started when I enrolled in a private school that required the girls to wear dresses/skirts. It started as a rule but now it is just who I am. I enjoy being a feminine girly girl. Plus, I look BAAAAAAAAAAAAD in pants. And even if I didn't, I would look like me.......and I like me. LOL

(thank you to those of you who commented and wanted to know if I am ok. I am. Just SUPER busy with finishing up the kids' schoolwork for the year and a million other things. I am BEYOND excited about going to TOPS State Recognition Days in Tulsa this weekend. Oh wow...don't get me started...I'm giddy!!!!!! We leave Thursday morning. I will take a lot of pics. Thanks for missing me!)


  1. Sorry I missed your last post, I've been a bit AWOL also, but I'm glad that you're doing well. Love the title! I have to say that I LOVE wearing skirts but grew up wearing them and hated them then, hehe. I wear them a lot now, but never while cutting the grass or something like that. I do wear them for a walk and a lot in the nicer weather. I have one skirt that I just love but it's too big now, have bought replacement skirts but I keep hauling the big one out (so far it stays up because of my hips, hehe). So comfy, much more comfy than pants!
    PS Enjoy your TOPS rally! Will you be awarded at all? Last year I won the volunteer award at ours (for our chapter).

  2. I envy your skirt wearing. I have not worn a dress or skirt in over 10 years.

    Enjoy the TOPS get together!

  3. You do whatever feels right to you and don't worry about what anyone else thinks.