Monday, May 11, 2009

Week 8, Monday, supper and recap

I haven't eaten yet, but I made my plate, took the pic, and put the food in the microwave. I plan to eat around 9:30 tonight...while sitting in my bed and watching Lonesome Dove (yes, I am STILL watching that is so long and I only have time to see it in short spurts).

Supper is chicken helper, corn, green beans and a 100 cal bag of shortbread cookies. 475 cals.

Today's total cals is: 1,864...a whole 86 cals under the limit! I'll tell you, this eating every 2-3 hours REALLY helps! I have not been hungry. yay!

I had a reader comment on the weird things I eat for breakfast. I admit, I do eat nontraditional breakfast foods quite often. The good thing is, it doesn't hurt anything! ;)

Tomorrow is TOPS day. I love Tuesdays!

Also, on tomorrow's blog, I plan to have all of the info about my walk-a-thon! Oh, and Sean, if you are reading this....... how far is Ponca City from Tulsa? I am going to be (by faith I am going to be) in Tulsa the last Friday and Saturday of this month at TOPS state recognition days!

Thanks for reading!

Until tomorrow,

I'm that TOPS lady
(running points balance is negative 260 but its getting better!)

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