Saturday, May 23, 2009

Week 10, Saturday, victoriously defeated

The victorious part-- I walked my 30 miles! I did it! yay!

The defeated part-- my unreliable scales are showing a 6 pound gain. **insert sobbing here** GAIN. gain? why? That is so discouraging.

But I won't give up. I probably didn't watch my cals good enough the past few days. I *know* I didn't get enough rest, if that has anything to do with it.

I took a water pill, just in case it is water. I hope it is water.

Nevertheless, I am kind of down as I go to bed tonight. I'm eating a stick of cheese, 2 pc turkey breast slices and a pudding cup. I am going to sit in bed and eat and watch another Lonesome Dove episode.

I am such a wishy washy person when it comes to emotions and feelings. I wish I could be more consistently encouraged. Why am I giving the scales so much power? I know I did what I was supposed to do this week. I worked hard. Who cares what the scales say.

I will probably be chipper again in the morning. I am just tired. So tired. tired. tired. tired. tired. tired. tired. tired..................................tired.


  1. Don't let that get you down. Do you mind some advice?

    First off, Congratulations on the 30 miles! I've never put in 30 in one week before, that's amazing! You should feel so accomplished.

    Secondly: Here's the advice part.

    Find a good scale somewhere other than your house. A county health department, your TOPS scales, just as long as they are good quality scales and they are anywhere but your house.
    And weigh on them soon, then wait two weeks before you weigh again. Repeat.

    During the two weeks, don't be tempted to jump on...wait for your surprise reward at the end of the two week period.

    Are you keeping your meals at 500 or less and your snacks at 150 or less? And eating something, even just 50 calories worth, anything---at least every three hours?
    If not, try this! You know I didn't start doing that until I learned a little more about how our metabolism works from Fitness and Life Coach Melissa Walden. She studied at The Cooper Institute in Texas, when it comes to this stuff, she knows! And I listen!

    Monitor your calories very close...try not to have too many instances where you have to guesstimate...and make sure you're getting enough water.

    I hate plain water, so I mix in lemon juice and splenda sweetener.

    And get the workout in everyday!

    You may be doing all of this already, I hope you don't mind my suggestions.

    The mental part? Get really focused on your reasons to get the weight off now. It's different for everyone. These are your "motivating thoughts"---Hold them tight and make a decision to protect them and the integrity of your journey no matter what comes along that may try to derail you emotionally.

    Consistent effort brings consistent results. You know this.

    I think your scales were wrong or you were retaining a bunch of fluid, because I read you everyday...You're doing this Amy! So don't let it bother you...

    Feel free to tell me to mind my own mission, but I just thought I would offer this.

    Take care and keep up the good choices!

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser

  2. Isn't Sean great. He has such a gift for encouraging people. What a blessing! Anyway--I wanted to comment about the skirts...I have worn skirts mostly since the 8th grade (so 20 years). It started because I just didn't like the look of pants on me and because (like you) I wanted to look as feminine as possible. Sometimes I think that is hard when I am so tall. But I wanted to say I really liked your response on modesty. Now that I am a Mom I really want to model modesty for my daughter. I do, occasionally, wear skorts, but wonder if I wouldn't be just as cool in a nice summery skirt. Plus--they are just prettier.

    You are doing great, by the way, don't be discouraged about your scales. I think I am going to follow Sean's advice and only weigh every two weeks. That's hard, because I have been an every day or every other day weigher. But Sean is right your body needs time to fully adjust and looking at the little changes in between can be really discouraging. Keep going! Blessings, Bonnie

  3. You just put your body through a lot--lots of walking. It is wonderful for your health. Keep your mind on the big picture: overall health.

    Scales are only one way to measure our accomplishments. I know we all want it off yesterday, I know we all want that scale to show our hard work. We have to think bigger than a scale. It's just a number. You just did an amazing thing with your body--look how strong you are!

    It could be water--that's my guess. I also think that sleep is very important. Try to catch up on your rest.

    Time will settle everything, level it out. Just know you are doing a fantastic job!