Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week 8, Tuesday, supper, snack, exercise, weigh-in

Supper was 2 McDonald's burgers= 500 cals
Bedtime snack was Mickey D's cone.
I had 13 cals left.
I walked 2 and 1/3 miles today! 56 minutes.
Running points balance is negative 147.
I finally finished watching Lonesome Dove.
It is 11:52 pm and it is storming like crazy.
I plan to sleep in tomorrow.
I lost another 2.5 pounds! That makes 14 and 1/4 total in 8 weeks! I was the best loser at TOPS. I announced that I am going to go to SRD and I passed out sponsor requests.
I am just thrilled that I am actually doing this! This weight loss/diet thing is different than anytime before. This time it is for real. and for life. Just the fact that hubby said yes to us attending SRD lets me know that he sees a difference too. Wow. That is so exciting!
I'm off to read a few blogs while I keep an eye on the weather.
Goodnight and thanks for being my cyber friends :)
-that TOPS lady
P.S. My computer is not recognizing my USB port for some reason, so I can't upload any pics. You all know what ice cream and hamburgers look like anyway. LOL Just scroll down a ways. There are plenty of ice creams and hamburgers through the pages of this blog! ;)

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