Thursday, May 21, 2009

Week 10, Thursday, chipper

I'm pretty chipper at the moment...probably because I'm listening to "Carry me" by Jars of Clay. I really need a way to listen to upbeat music while I walk. That would be good.

I had a hard time with endurance today while walking. I was exhausted after a mile every time. I walked 3.5 miles today. That means that I HAVE to walk 7 miles tomorrow and 7 on Saturday NO EXCUSES...because the walkathon ends at Saturday at midnight.

Therefore I have to get to bed soon so I can get up at 5:30 for prayer and then my first walk of the day. It is 8:41 right now. I'm going to check email, read a couple of blogs, shower, put the kids to bed, sit in bed with hubby and eat our supper watching yet another sequel to Lonesome Dove. (I love that show)

I currently have $9 more than what was required to go to SRD so yay!!!!!!! Now I've just got to live through this walk-a-thon!

After tonight's supper, I will have eaten 1950 cals on the dot, which is my cal limit.

Goodnight...get some rest...kiss your hubby/wife...and enjoy living.
~~that TOPS lady


  1. I have an iPod Shuffle, and it was $50. I love mine, and I love the price of it. So you could save for one of those!

    Music can lift me faster than anything from a sour mood. It can also slow me down when I'm feeling anxiety, stressed and hyper.

    Good luck with all that walking today!

  2. Hi--thanks for reading my blog. It's great to have all the support we can on this journey. Especially us tall girls! We walked 5 k today or just over 3 miles today. It's hard, but I love it! God bless you on your walks this weekend. I hope you reach your goal!