Friday, February 24, 2012

....a quick update....

This morning I submitted my application to be considered for the TOPS Retreat Scholarship. I hope I win!

I am in the middle of my "7 day free trial" at a local gym and I LOVE IT. I'm trying to find "kid free" time anywhere I can so I can go work out. There's something about seeing all the numbers on the machines (miles walked, time, speed, heart rate, etc) that makes it so much more fun that just doing a dvd. Also, I can watch the Biggest Loser while I walk or talk with my sister. :)


  1. Hope you win too :) I still have a retreat certificate I got when I became area captain need to see where and when I'd like to go, Hawaii would have been fun lol but to get there would have cost an arm and a leg lol.

  2. Good luck getting that scholarship. It would be great for you to be able to go.