Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Losing my skirt...almost

I always walk 3 miles on the treadmill at the gym and I try to beat my time each time. Since I'm already walking as fast as I can possibly walk, I knew I was going to have to jog some. Now, I've jogged before--just not in a gym full of people. All was well, until 15 seconds into the jog when I realized that I was losing my skirt! (I wear a skirt with exercise capris under it--long story) I'm sure I looked quite interesting, holding the skirt with one hand and trying to get the treadmill to slow down with the other! ;) I am now officially declaring this skirt "TOO BIG". (It is so much more fun, having clothes that are too big, opposed to too small)



  1. Now I want to hear the long story LOL!

    Good thing you had capris underneath!

  2. LOL, love it! :) When I was in high school (my parents required us girls to wear skirts to school) I was walking home and looked down (I was beside a busy road as wella as a crosswalk) and I was losing my SLIP!! I was so embarrassed! I just stepped out of it and kept walking...haha. You know how you often see odd things on the roads?? ...

  3. LOL. I would like to know the long story behind the skirt =) I have some workout skirts I used to wear when thinnner, no pants unerneath though. I was at Kohl's the other day and they have some work out capris' that have skirts attached to them. They were major on sale, plus Kohl's has a scratch off additional discount at the counter f up to 30%.