Friday, March 2, 2012

If you've been ridiculed....

Have you ever been blogger bullied?

I have weight loss blogged for years and I'm sure at times my posts were insanely unhealthy and wrong. But at those times, I was nutritionally illiterate. Also, at those times, my strong hold to food addiction had not been broken. I was a mess. (I still don't have it all figured out)

>>>>>>>>>>BUT>>>>>>>>>> the fact that I was blogging showed that I still cared about the fact that I was overweight. I still wanted out. I still had hope. I was still trying.

Sometimes it takes a while---even a very long while--- to "get it". Sometimes we think we have arrived and finally have "gotten it" when the whole rest of the world knows that we have not.

I guess I have a raw spot on my heart for people pointing out bloggers and critiquing (sp?) them because during my "foolish years", a blogger who likes to make fun of people picked me to make fun of on his blog. It hurt me so deeply. I felt like the whole world was laughing.

I know there is hope for such people. I've lost 54 pounds. I've learned a thing or 2. But those terribly immature posts are part of my journey.

I guess to those bloggers, I think silence is the best thing to say in the situations that you don't condone.

If YOU are one of the bloggers that has been ridiculed, I want to say, "Don't give up. Keep trying. Keep reading about nutrition. Keep exercising, no matter how little. Keep blogging. Keep evolving in your mindset. Keep pressing on, no matter how low anyone makes you feel. Keep moving forward. I BELIEVE IN YOU."

~that TOPS lady


  1. That's why I am careful on my blog not give hints to the blooger. I do not want to shame or ridicule any individual - but I do want to point out the insanity of the behaviors on my site - where people are trying to learn the difference. It is not about that person - it is about the behaviors and we have all had insane food behaviors or we wouldn't be actively loosing, maintaining or - God forbid- gaining our weight back.

    I find it does not help anyone who point to an individual.

    To your final sentence Keep Moving Forward - I would like to add - and be willing to change. There is no reason to go from here to there if I will still be the same when I get there

    1. I couldn't get into the comment section and I know I piggybacking onto Jane's comments. I want her to know my comment isn't directed by her but to "That Tops Lady"

      I think it is so sad that we can't be honest with ourselves with our shortcoming in the fear of someone jumping on our weaknesses on THEIR blog. I thought most blogs were about oneself. No one is perfect. I sure haven't been this week and it helps to write about it. See it in black and white to break it down and see changes to make rather than fear ridicule. Keep being honest with yourself, make changes and move on. If we don't give up on ourselves like others do, we'll eventually get to where we want to be. Our opinion of ourselves is what counts and it's hard to see that when other people are clouding our view by being so negative. It good to receive some constructive criticism but there's a constructive way to dish it out.

  2. My blog is about me. If people want to point out other peoples flaws or issues, then make sure you label the blog as such.

    I may try and help someone in the comments or let them know what I did, but I do not believe in writing in my blog about someone else or coming across as someone who knows better.