Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fun Day! & weigh in!

Whew! *pant, pant* I just did one and a forth miles on the Leslie Sansone walk at home dvd and I am FEELING ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah baby! That's what I'm talking about!

Prior to that,I was laying on the couch feeling like a slug. No, worse than that. Less energy than that. I was feeling like a slug that got ran over by a fat kid's bicycle. yep.

I was telling hubby all about our TOPS area wide fun day (known as a fall rally in some places) and how we would have another fun day in April and that I was going to win all kinds of awards then... because I was going to get my act together. He looked at me being lazy on the couch and said "Well, that's not the road to getting there".

So, I set the timer for 10 minutes and said "SELF, you have to exercise for 10 minutes". When the timer went off, I was feeling good so I reset it for 10 MORE minutes and completed the first section. Talk about an energy boost!

If I can ever MAKE myself start, it is worth it. My goal for the next week is to do at least 10 minutes of the walking dvd within 30 minutes of waking.

On to other things.............weigh in:

I was supposed to weigh in Thursday before supper to tell you how much I lost this week. I forgot & ate first so I postponed it to Friday. Can you believe I forgot again? SO...........why should I complicate my life further by trying to have a TOPS weigh in and a blog weigh in? I guess I will just use my TOPS weigh in.

And so, with my first week of restart, I......(drum roll please)....I LOST 1.75 POUNDS! YEAH BABY!!!! THAT's WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! I. am. on. my. way.! Next tops meeting is Tuesday. I can't wait! I believe I can make KOPS before the end of 2011! And then go to SRD in CALIFORNIA in 2012 as the Oklahoma Queen!

I'm pumped. Can you tell?

I think I will go walk some more now :)


  1. I'm glad to see you are full on board!! Way to go on the walking, keep it up!!

  2. You go girl. It makes me want to get up. Now if I can just do it.....

  3. I'm pushing for Mike being the Maryland King in 2012 so maybe we will see ya in California *smile*. Wouldn't that be cool? Way to go on the walking. You know that's how I started just walking everyday. You can definitely do this. Way to go on the nice lose this week too.