Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 5 TOPS

Tuesday was TOPS. It has only been 5 days since my restart---I will weigh on the wii on Thursday evening and post my weekly loss for the purpose of this blog--- but I will say this......I lost! I love to lose. It's such a good feeling.

We are supposed to think of a new game/ challenge for TOPS. I am thinking of this one called "I bet". We all fill out a form that says I bet I can lose X number of pounds by the end of the year. For example, I plan to say "15". Everyone decides their own amount. Then, at the last meeting of the year, if I have lost my 15 pounds, then the chapter pays me $15 and if I have not, then I have to pay the chapter $15. Someone who only bets 5 pounds will pay or recieve $5. How does that sound? I plan to suggest it next week.

Saturday is our area fun day for TOPS. I will not recieve any awards. Because I hadn't been trying! Funny how that works. LOL. But next fun day, oh boy, I plan to really rack them up!

We do have some members in our chapter who are doing awesome. Our leader has lost for the past 16 or so weeks in a row. She lost 20 something pounds last quarter. My friend L is half way to goal now.

It was an inspiring meeting.

I ended my day with 112 calories to spare. I didn't exercise -- I really, really need to make that a priority today. I consumed aprox. 44 ounces of water.

Thanks for reading!

Future Oklahoma TOPS queen,


  1. I knew a TOPS meeting would make you feel better. I have a big smile on my face for you. I think your challenge is a great one and I think I might pose it to my group. Sure couldn't hurt and would be a fun way to keep people motivated through the holidays. That's wonderful too that you had a lose, they do make you feel good. Since I'm in maintenance mode now I will confess that at times I feel less excited but still it's a help to have to weigh in each week for sure. Way to go on coming in under calories too. You are doing it my lady *hugs*.

  2. Sounds like a great meeting! Your doing awesome!