Thursday, October 21, 2010

The end of day one & the numbers.

The black shirt is too tight and I don't wear it in public without something over it. Nevertheless, I thought it would effectively show how it really is. LOL. The green shirt I have over it in one of the pictures also doesn't fit (notice the bottom half isn't buttoned and gaps terrible) and sadly, I still wear this in public. I love the way the material feels and it doesn't wrinkle. So, I thought I could take a pic with it about once per month to see it start fitting.*smile*

My beginning weight is 310.4, according to the wii. My blog weigh in day/time with be Thursday evenings just before supper. Hubby takes his measurements once per month and when he does again in just a couple of days, I will ask him to take my measurements as well.

The kids had science class this morning (1.5 hours on Thursdays for the next few weeks). My first thought of how to spend my free time was "Go to Braums, get a hot cocoa and a cinnamon roll & sit in the parking lot of the Moose lodge, enjoying the quiet and cutting coupons". Thankfully, I quickly realized that was NOT a good choice. (duh).

Instead, I packed my water jug and a good book, parked at the Moose lodge and walked their parking lot. (Yes, I read and walk at the same time. LOL) I was met by several obstacles. First, the trash truck came (exactly when I was almost to the dumpster, so it was awkward). I imagine the trash guys laughing at "that severly obese lady walking and reading a book at the same time", nevertheless, I walked on. Then, a biker dude pulled up and wanted to know what I was doing there. I was like "um....just walking the parking lot. Is that ok?" (I mean, really, here's a 300+ pound pentecostal lady, hair in bun, long skirt, blouse that is too small in the stomach, wearing her worn out walking shoes and reading a Joyce Meyer book, walking in circles around and around in the parking lot. Did I REALLY look like a threat? LOL) Anyway, I guess I cleared inspection.

After I walked, I ran a few errands and went to the grocery store for some granola bars and bran flakes. :)

By the time we all finally got home (noonish) I was EXHAUSTED. Being tired is one of my triggers, I know that much. So, I decided that instead of eating right then, and being tempted to overeat, I would lie down for a bit. I took about a 15 minute nap and THEN ate lunch.

I ended the day 3 calories below the limit. I drank 80 ounces of water and walked just over a mile.

Day one was successful!


  1. Great day, and that's what it takes, one successful day after another! Looking forward to seeing you button the green shirt :-)

  2. Your on your way!! What a great idea to take picture along your journey.

  3. That sure sounds like a very successful day to me. I laughed at your "I guess I cleared inspection" lol. I think the pictures are a great idea too. I didn't take many during my journey and I regret that.

  4. I love weighing myself on the Wii to because it shows a graph. It's so encouraging to see the results. Good luck, you can do it!!!!!