Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Week 15, Wednesday, ending of the day

Here's supper and bedtime snack calories combined (since we have church on Wed. nights, those two things usually get squished together).

It is 650 cals worth of lasagna, corn, toast and pudding. And yes, it is on a zoopals (kiddie) paper plate. Anything to keep from washing dishes tonight!

And so I end my night here at 11 p.m., having exercised, consumed 44 oz of water, and stayed on track with my eating. Success!!!!
Tonight's sermon was "the mindset of the conquerer". It fit everything in life, spiritual and natural...even dieting! It was similar to the power of positive thinking. You've got to get your mind wrapped around it before you can do it.
*yawn* Goodnight......I'm planning to stay up after 5:30 prayer and get some housework I should head to bed.
:) that TOPS lady


  1. I love that--the mindset of the conqueror. I want to be a conqueror. Glad you had such a good day! How is DS? I hope he is feeling better. Blessings-Bonnie

  2. Very nice! It feels so good to lay your head down at night knowing that you stayed within your calorie budget and did the exercise.
    Good message at church, very true!!!