Saturday, June 13, 2009

Week 13, Saturday

Ahhhhh *taking a deep breath of fresh air*.... 'twas a good day. :)

Breakfast was 1 taco (azteca flour tortilla, 1.5 cup lean ground beef, salsa, 100 cal stick of cheese) 2 pb crackers, half of a red delicious apple and half of a green apple, lemon= 493 cals

Snack=fiber one bar= 140 cals

Lunch= .75 cup cheese soup, salsa, 14 chips, 1 pc toast and jelly= 494 cals

Snack= McD's ice cream cone (yummy yummy!)

Supper= 1 svg chicken pot pie, fiber one bar, 1 pb cracker= 496 cals

Snack= 1 pc toast and jelly, 1 small apple= 150 cals

I'm writing this at 9:44 p.m... It is storming, so I couldn't walk the track. Temptation pulled up next to me a few mins ago in his ugly VW bus van and said "Well, you don't have to exercise today. It is already after 9. And you need to iron. And you haven't had much time to day to do what YOU wanted to do---so why don't you just go ahead and eat your snack and serf the web until bed?" Well, I laughed in his face! Silly guy that he is. So now I am off to my bedroom to do the Sweating to the Oldies 2 dvd... and THEN I will serf the net if I wish and THEN I will eat my bedtime snack. ha!
UPDATE at 11:03 p.m.....well, I just finished the Richard Simmons workout and I feel good. I think I enjoy walking more, but this dvd is a good plan B. I am now sitting here eating my bedtime snack (apples and jelly toast). I tried a new kind of bread (wheat of all things! who knew I would like it!) with less calories and I'm glad I like it. I'll save 20 cals any time I can!
Mentally, I'm back. (whooooooopppiiieeee!!!!) I overcame that brick wall. It was a thick wall-- it lasted 4 days-- but it is behind me now and I am a stronger climber now for having defeated it. The next time a wall comes before me, I will be able to climb it with less strain. It will still be hard, sure... all walls are hard.... but as the number of walls behind us increases, so does the strength of our inner selves. This IS the time. We really are doing it this time. Wow. :)
Rest well, dear friends.
~ Amy aka that TOPS lady


  1. Loved reading this post!

    You're certainly not letting anything steal this away from you! Love the attitude!

    What a wonderful day!
    Congrats on the turn around!!!! Very proud of you.

    God Bless,

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser

  2. What a great day! I love your food. You are living proof that we don't have to eat "diet" food to lose weight. I didn't know temptation drive a VW van, good to know! So glad you are feeling better.