Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week 12, Saturday night/Sunday morning

I'm writing this at 10:39 p.m. on Saturday night (while yelling endless answers about the weather across the house to my daughter who is having trouble going to sleep)...but I will probably set this to post on Sunday, thus fulfilling my "one post per day" challenge. Ha!

I didn't overeat at the family reunion...yay me! I had 1.5 enchiladas and a donut there at 1:30 for lunch. Then I had the same again at 4:20 for supper! I was going to have a busy night after the reunion, so I packed a fiber one bar and a pack of pb crackers so I would have a couple of sensible snacks with me and not be tempted to drive thru somewhere. Today's calories had a lot of guesstimating to I don't have an exact count....but I think I did pretty good. I drank approx 44 oz of water. Unfortunately, I didn't get any exercise is. Hum....I guess I could do 30 mins of sweating to the oldies before bed.........I mean, I've always hung on the the excuse of "don't exercise before bed or you won't be able to sleep".......hey! excuses are easy to find! But then I read Sean's blog and he's like "Well, it's 11:30 and I've been really busy, but I'm going to the track to do a 10K"............ and Sean has lost 170 pounds and I have lost's do the math....which plan works better? Ok.....putting my shoes on so I can dance with Richard......oh...and I need to tell hubby (who is sitting on the bed watching a Lonesome Dove sequel)..."Babe, I will be in bed in a little while, I'm going to exercise to the Richard Simmons tape before I go to bed". He's going to think I'm nuts. Oh well. ta ta for now!

Update at 11:53 p.m.......I just finished the Richard Simmons video (minus one song--jailhouse rock--for time's sake) It took 48 mins.... yay for me! I will sleep with a clear conscience! (sp?)

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  1. good for you!! So happy for you for doing this! Richard would be too!