Monday, June 22, 2009

Can you name this food?

Can you name this food? Seriously, try.... this will be so fun. Here are the hints:

This food is composed of 4 ingredients.

One ingredient is a prepackaged food that I snack on ALL of the time (include what flavor you think it is).

One ingredient is something I had in

my freezer, saving it for Thanksgiving.

Two ingredients are things I added to it to insure that I would NOT eat it. (you see, I had already eaten all I should eat when this bad thought came to mind "if you took this and added this to it, it would taste really good!" so I made it and then I ate 3 bites and then the little angel on my right shoulder started argueing with the little devil on my left set the timer for 5 mins and washed dishes while I decided whether or not I would eat it.

I was thinking about the fact that if I finished eating it, and I was honest, I would tell about it in tonight's blog....and that's not something I would be proud of. And if I didn't tell about it, it would be kind of like telling a lie. Plus tomorrow is weigh day and, well, my sins will find me out. So don't "sin" silly Amy!!!! That is so simple.

Anyway....I put some stuff on it to insure that I wouldn't eat it...and it is in the trash now. I am leaving for my ONE HOUR walk after I throw some laundry in the washer. I will reveal the ingredients in tomorrow's post. I will,of course, be posting tonight before bed.

Thanks for reading! Time for me to head out into this heat. *ug*


  1. Um, well, may I just admit here that I am over 40 and I just can't see it very well? Is it a granola bar covered in chocolate with runny whipped cream and some kind of sauce???

  2. Hot link covered in bbq sauce and ranch with stuffing on the side??? You got me here!

    Nice job talking it out and making the wise choice!

    Very nice indeed.