Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Prioritize. Simplify. Slow down. Smell the roses.
Those are all phrases that I looked up while searching for a pic to go with tonight's post.
My life has been just WAY TOO CRAZY BUSY for the past few days. Good grief, it's summer! I don't have my "day job" aka teaching the kids their schoolwork and yet I don't have a minute to breathe! It seems like everyone thinks "Well, Amy is at home all day (ha!) with nothing to do, I bet she can do such-and-such for me". (In case my sister is reading this, I'm NOT just talking about helping you move... I didn't mind helping...I'm talking about other things..and other people) was yet another crazy day. I STILL did not plan my meals out or have healthy snacks on hand and I STILL did not abide by the "eat something every 2-3 hour plan" and boy oh boy....a few minutes ago I sat down and figured up what I was just "grab and go" all day long.
Tomorrow could VERY easily turn into another of those days. Tomorrow's plan looked like this: make menu, make grocery list, go to walmart and buy groceries for the next two weeks (that will take a while), balance checkbook and pay bills, take daughter to the park, maybe take the kids swimming at the lake, go by homeland and get the stuff they have on sale there. Ok now, look at that huge list! That does not look like a peaceful day in the works. So, I decided to change it to: go to our little local grocery store and buy enough groceries to last until Saturday (I will do the walmart and homeland stuff on Saturday), do some housework, start on meal plans and grocery list, watch a movie, take daughter to local park, one hour walk in the evening. Doesn't that sound better? I just may turn my ringer off tomorrow so no one calls and volunteers me for anything. I feel so selfish in doing that, but I am tired and like I have said many times before, tiredness is my number one enemy to healthy living. And with that, I am going to read my favorite blogs, get hubby's uniform from the dryer and go to bed. I need some rest. Rest is so important. I love simplicity. But simplicity is slippery... you think you've got a hold of it and then you look down into your hands and it has slithered away and chaos is in its place. Tomorrow I will pursue simplicity. I even thought about paining a little sign that says "simplify" and hanging it above my door in the living room (like in the picture) to remind myself to slow down. Good night, dear friends. I hope you rest well and have a "simply" wonderful day tomorrow! Thanks for your support.
:) Amy...aka that TOPS lady

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  1. What a wonderful post! Simplifying is so very important to this journey of losing weight or anything really. If we try to do too much all at once, we might crash! Simplify. I love the message--thank you for writing about it!
    I needed a reminder.

    God Bless and my best always,

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser