Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Week 12, *sigh*

Right this moment, as I type, I am struggling with the blahs, frustration, extreme tiredness, the urge to eat a lot of something high cal, and just *sigh*. I'm going to be honest- I have 3 of those frozen pancakes in the microwave heating right now. I need to shake this. Its silly how such small things can throw me into this. It came upon me simply because I only lost a half of a pound this week. I weighed 306.25. Or is that a fourth of a pound from last week? Either a half or a fourth. I'd have to look.

Anyway, I am going to eat my pancakes and I *should* just go to bed. I'm waiting for my parents to drop my kids off.


It'll be alright in the morning. Just not feeling chipper right now and I know that eating will only make it worse, not better, and yet........................................................

Update at 8:50 p.m.... the kids are on their way over. We will all be in bed within 30 mins hopefully. I ate pancakes, a fiber one bar and a sugar free pudding. I wish I hadn't have. Tomorrow is a new day. I am going to bump things up this week and see some weight loss. This little measly half a pound per week isn't going to cut it. Other than tonight, I have not been "binge" eating. I apparently have been guesstimating incorrectly on some things. Plus I have not been working out every day. I probably need to lower my calories too. New week starts tomorrow (not literally, but it will be day one of week 13 of me blogging). I will have a great plan and a great week. I. know. I. will.

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